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  • 教师名称:Paolo
  • 教师拼音名称:Paolo
  • 出生日期:1968-08-11
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  • 职务:Teaching
  • 职称:教授


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  • Paolo Vincenzo Genovese (Roma, 1968) is Ph.D., professional architect and full professor in the School of Architecture of Tianjin University in China. He is the director of Bionic Building and Ecological Planning Laboratory. He is member of the prestigious group Aspen Institute Italy. In 2010 he won the "Haihe Friendship Award" in Tianjin for his cultural contribution in China. He has published five monographs, eleven books in cooperation, more than eight-hundred papers and a novel. His searches concerns design and theory of architecture, bionic, restoration of ancient buildings and villages, sustainable architecture, eco-villages.


  • 1999.9-2002.7 Polytechnic University of Milan    Architectural and Environmental Technology   Ph.D. degree
  • 1987.9-1996.6 Polytechnic University of Milan   Architectural and Environmental Technology   Bachelor's degree
  • 1982.9-1987.6 Alessio Tramello, Piacenza   Technical degree


  • 2004.9 -2019.12

    |School of Architecture, Tianjin University

  • 2004.3 -2004.9

    |Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy Efficient Building|SIEEB project, Polytechnic of Milan and Tsinghua University in Beijing|executive project and construction drawings


Bionic Building and Ecological Planning Laboratory

团队名称:Bionic Building and Ecological Planning Laboratory

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