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  • 教师名称:张红霞
  • 教师拼音名称:Zhang Hongxia
  • 出生日期:1977-04-25
  • 性别:
  • 职务:Department branch secretary
  • 学科:Optical Engineering
  • 职称:教授


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  • In scientific research area, I have been focusing on the investigations in optoelectronic detection and optical fiber sensing, and was engaged to find and solve problems in practical applications.I have led several projects: four projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Ministry of Science and Technology of China, one project funded by Ministry of Education, and other four projects sponsored by industries. In addition, I have participated in other three projects supported by the State and Tianjin government.1. Projects (1) 2017/01-2020/12,Research on three-dimensional optical section microscope imaging with variable focus lens,National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI(2) 2013/01-2016/12, Theoretical and experimental studies of Interferometry of the cloud particle spectrum distribution,National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI(3) 2013/01-2015/12, Theoretical and experimental study of high polarization extinction ratio measurement based on white light spectral interferometry, National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI(4) 2010/01-2011/12, Fundamental research of smart optical fiber sensor network’s key techniques and applications, National Key Basic Research Program of China(973 program), PI(5) 2009/01-2011/12, Gas identification and concentration detection based on intra-cavity fiber optics laser, New teacher fund of Ministry of Education, PI (6) 2010/09-2011/08, White light Interferometer, The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, PI(7) 2011/11-2013/11, Design and processing of high zoom lens, Beijing Institute of environmental characteristics, PI(8) 2010/05-2010/12, Principle interferometer of size measurement of synchrotron light, University of Science and Technology of China, PI(9) 2006/11-2008/03, Design and Realization of the oral imaging system, Lightel Technologies company, PI2. Publications [1] Hongxia Zhang*, Shu Wang, Yuhan Gong, Tiegen Liu, Tianhua Xu, DagongJia, and YimoZhang, A Quantitative Robustness Evaluation Model for Optical Fiber Sensor Networks, Journal of lightwave Technology,2013,31(8): 1240-1246 [2]Hongxia Zhang,Hongwen Ren,Su Xu,Shin-Tson Wu*, Temperature effects on dielectric liquid lenses,Optics Express,2014,22(2): 1931-1940 [3] Chongxiang Zeng, Hongxia Zhang*, Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu,Yimo Zhang, Group delay dispersion measurement from a spectral interferogram based on the cubic phase function,IEEE Photonics Journal, 2014,6(6), 6100509 [4] Hongxia Zhang*, Ye zhou,Jing Liu,Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu,A New Method for Determining the Sampling Volume and the Number of Particles within it for Particle Concentration Identification in Defocused Interferometric Particle Imaging,IEEE Photonics Journal,2017, 9(1):1~15 [5]Hongxia Zhang*,Mengran Zhai, Jinlu Sun, Ye Zhou, Dagong Jia, Tiegen Liu, Yimo Zhang, Discrimination between spheres and spheroids in a detection system for single particles based on polarization characteristics,Journal of Quantitative Spectoscopy & Radiative transfer, 2017, 187:62-75 [6] Hongxia Zhang*, Feng Wang, Chongxiang Zeng,Yaguang Ren,Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu,Spatial Resolution Enhancement Based on Peak Splitting in Low-Coherence Interferometry Signal,IEEE Photonics Journal,2016, 8(4),3900208-1-3900208-8 [7] Hongxia Zhang*, Feng Wang,Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu, Yimo Zhang,Automatic Interference Term Retrieval From Spectral Domain Low-Coherence Interferometry Using the EEMD-EMD-Based Method,IEEE Photonics Journal,2016,8(3),6900709-1- 6900709-9 [8] Hongxia Zhang*, Yuhan Gong, Tiegen Liu, Dagong Jia, and Yimo Zhang, Deployment Optimization for One-Dimensional Optical Fiber Sensor Networks,Journal of Lightwave Technology,2015,33(14): 2997-3004 [9] Hongxia Zhang*, Jing Liu, Mengran Zhai, Ye Zhou, Dagong Jia, and Tiegen Liu, Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Validation of Sampling Volume in Tilted Imaging System, IEEE Photonics Journal,2015,7(6): 6901412 [10] Hongxia Zhang,Ye Zhou,Jing Liu,Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu,Influence of sample pool on interference pattern in defocused interferometric particle imaging,2017,88(4): 88,043302 [11] Jinlu Sun,Hongxia Zhang*,Jiao Li,Hybrid spherical particle field measurement based on interferencetechnology,Measurement Science and Technology,2017,28:1-7 [12] Shibo Xu, Tiegen Liu, Hongxia Zhang *, Chunfeng Ge, Cheng Chen,Yang Du,Dagong Jia,Multi-Bus Fiber Sensor Protection Network Operation With Robustness Analysis,IEEE Sensors Journal,2016,16(6):1754-1761 [13] Hongxia Zhang*,Yuhan Gong,Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu and Yimo zhang,Robustness analysis based onoptical fiber sensor networks topology,IEEE Sensors Journal ,2015,15(3): 1388-1394 [14] Hongxia Zhang*,Yaguang,Ren,DagongJia, Tiegen Liu and Yimo Zhang,Self-adaptive demodulation for polarization extinction ratio in distributed polarization coupling,Applied optics,2013,52(18): 4353-4359 [15] Hongxia Zhang*,Xinwei Chen,Wenting Ye,Tianhua Xu, Dagong Jia and Yimo Zhang,Mitigation of the birefringence dispersion on the polarization coupling measurement in a long-distance high-birefringence fiber, Measurement Science and Technology, 2012, 23(2): 025203 [16] Hongxia Zhang*,Wenting Ye,Xinwei Chen,Yaguang Ren, Dagong Jia, Guoqiang Wen,Yimo Zhang,Weak mode coupling measurement with EMD-based method in polarization-maintaining fibers,Optics communications,2012,285(2):113~117[17] Hongxia Zhang*, Wenting Ye, Xinwei Chen, Dagong Jia, Yimo Zhang,Coupling Intensity Measurement Based on White Light Interferometry in the Distributed Long PMF Sensors,IEEE Sensors Journal, 2012,12(9): 2905-2909 [18] Hongxia Zhang*,Guoqiang Wen,Yaguang,Ren, Dagong Jia,Tiegen Liu,Yimo Zhang,Measurementof Beat length in Polarization-Maintaining Fibers with External Forces Method, Optical fiber technology,2012,18:136-139[19] Hongxia Zhang*,Wenting Ye, Dagong Jia , and Yimo Zhang , Sensitivity enhancement of distributed polarization coupling detection in Hi-Bi fibers, Chinese Optics Letters,2012,10(4), 040603 [20] Hongxia Zhang*,Kun Liu, Dagong Jia, Tianhua Xu, Tiegen Liu,Gangding Peng,Wencai Jing, Yimo Zhang,Improved low concentration gas detection system based on intracavity fiber laser,Review of Scientific Instruments, 2011, 82(2): 023104[21] Hongxia Zhang*,Tianhua Xu,Dagong Jia,Wencai Jing, Kun Liu and Yimo Zhang, Effects of angular misalignment in interferometric detection of distributed polarization coupling, Measurement Science and Technology, 2009, 20: 095112 [22] Zhang Hongxia, Liu kun, Jia Dagong, Liu Tiegen, Peng Gang-ding, Wang Yan, Zhang Yi-mo, Research on Trace Gas Spectral Measurement on Intra-Cavity Fiber Optic Laser, Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2011, 31(8): 2040-2043 (in Chinese)[23] Kun Liu, Tiegen Liu *, Gangding Peng, Junfeng Jiang, Hongxia Zhang, Dagong Jia, Yan Wang, Wencai Jing, Yimo Zhang, Theoretical investigation of an optical fiber amplifier loop for intra-cavity and ring-down cavity gas sensing, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical,2010,146(1):116-121[24] Kun Liu, Tiegen Liu *, Gangding Peng, Junfeng Jiang, Hongxia Zhang, Dagong Jia, Yan Wang, Wencai Jing, Yimo Zhang, Theoretical investigation of an optical fiber amplifier loop for intra-cavity and ring-down cavity gas sensing, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical,2010,146(1):116-121[25] Dagong Jia* , Yulong Zhang, Zhitong Chen, Hongxia Zhang, Tiegen Liu, Yimo Zhang, Evaluation Parameter for Self-Healing FBG Sensor Networks After Multiple Fiber Failures, IEEE Photonics Journal, 2015,7(4), 6901412 [26] Yifan Liu *,Yi-fen Lan, Hongxia Zhang, RuiDong Zhu, Daming Xu,Cheng-Yeh Tsai, Jen-Kuei Lu, Norio Sugiura, Yu-Chieh Lin,Shin-Tson Wu,Optical rotatory power of polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal, Applied Physics Letters,2013, 102(13): 131102[27] Kun Liu*, Tiegen Liu, Junfeng Jiang, Gangding Peng, Hongxia Zhang, Dagong Jia, Yan Wang, Wencai Jing, Yimo Zhang, Investigation of Wavelength Modulation and Wavelength 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  • 1996.9-2000.6 Tianjin University   Control Technology and Instruments/ Economic-Technology   Double bachelor
  • 2000.9-2002.6 Tianjin university   Optical Engineering   Master
  • 2002.9-2005.6 Tianjin university   Optical Engineering   PhD


  • 2015.7 -2019.12

    |College of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering|Tianjin university|Professor

  • 2007.7 -2015.6

    |College of Precision instruments and optoelectrical engineering|Tianjin University|Associate Professor

  • 2005.7 -2007.6

    |College of Precision instruments and optoelectrical engineering|Tianjin University|Assistant professor

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