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  • 教师名称:董明
  • 教师拼音名称:Ming Dong
  • 出生日期:1981-04-10
  • 性别:
  • 学科:Fluid Mechanics
  • 职称:副教授


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  •  Dr. Ming Dong is an associate professor of Department of Mechanics, Tianjin university. He is also a Marie Curie research Fellow in Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London during 2016.2-2018.1. His main research interests include Fluid dynamics, Applied Mathematics and related engineering applications. He is currently looking for MSE/PhD students who are interested in fundamental science and mathematics.


  • 1999.9-2003.6 Tianjin University   Mechanics Engineering   BS
  • 2005.9-2008.3 Tianjin University   Fluid Mechanics   PhD
  • 2003.9-2006.3 Tianjin University   Fluid Mechanics   MSE


  • 2010.7 -2019.12

    |Department of Mechanics|Tianjin University|Associate Professor

  • 2016.2 -2018.1

    |Department of Mathematics|Imperial College London|Marie Curie Research Fellow

  • 2013.9 -2014.9

    |Department of Mathematics|Imperial College London|Visiting Scholar

  • 2008.3 -2010.6

    |Department of Mechanics|Tianjin University|Lecturer


Hydrodynamic Instability, Transition and Turbulence

团队名称:Hydrodynamic Instability, Transition and Turbulence

团队介绍:Innovative Research Team in University of Ministry of Education of China

Tianjin Key Laboratory of Modern Engineering Mechanics

团队名称:Tianjin Key Laboratory of Modern Engineering Mechanics

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