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  • 教师名称:高忠科
  • 教师拼音名称:Gao Zhongke
  • 出生日期:1982-10-23
  • 性别:
  • 职称:教授


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  • Zhongke Gao is now a Full Professor of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University. He has published 90 SCI-indexed peer-reviewed journal articles in the IEEE  Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning SystemsIEEE  Transactions on Industrial InformaticsIEEE  Transactions on Instrumentation and MeasurementIEEE  Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: SystemsIEEE  Sensors JournalKnowledge-Based  SystemsChemical  Engineering JournalExperimental  Thermal and Fluid Science, etc. 12 first-author papers are selected as the ESI Highly Cited Papers. His Google Scholar Citations is over 2000. He has published one book (academic monograph) in Springer in 2014. He owns 32 Chinese invention patents. Zhongke Gao is the director of Laboratory of Complex Networks and Intelligent Systems at Tianjin University. Zhongke Gao serves as Editorial Board Member for four SCI-indexed international journals. His current research interests include Complex network, Deep learning, Big data analysis, Time series analysis, Brain network and brain cognition, Brain-computer interface, Sensor devices and sensor arrays, Measurement science and technology, Multiphase flow, Multiscale analysis, Nonlinear dynamics, etc. 

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  • 2009.9-2010.9 Arizona State University, USA   Measurement Techniques and Automation Equipment   Visiting Scholar
  • 2005.9-2007.7 Tianjin University   Control Science and Engineering   M.Sc.
  • 2007.9-2010.9 Tianjin University   Measurement Techniques and Automation Equipment   Ph.D.


  • 2016.7 -2019.12

    |School of Electrical and Information Engineering|Tianjin University|Professor

  • 2016.7 -2016.10

    |National University of Singapore|Visiting Professor

  • 2015.3 -2015.4

    |City University of Hong Kong|Visiting Professor

  • 2013.3 -2013.6

    |Humboldt University of Berlin|Visiting Professor

  • 2013.7 -2016.6

    |School of Electrical Engineering and Automation|Tianjin University|Associate Professor

  • 2010.9 -2013.6

    |School of Electrical Engineering and Automation|Tianjin University|Lecturer


Laboratory of Complex Networks and Intelligent Systems at Tianjin University

团队名称:Laboratory of Complex Networks and Intelligent Systems at Tianjin University

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