Jay Siegel

School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

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Molecular Science and Medicinal Chemistry

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Room A203, Building 24, Tianjin University

Education Background
  • Postdoctoral| UniversitéLouis|  Chemistry| 1985
  • Doctoral degree| Princeton University| 1985
  • Bachelor’s Degree| Cal.St. Univ., Northridge| Science Chemistry | 1983
Research Interests
  • Research combines synthetic and physical organic chemistry with an eye toward issues of pharmaceutical, material, and life science.
  • Beyond symmetry and molecular bonding, stereochemical investigations draw upon concepts from many disciplines and implement techniques such as synthetic methodology, X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, and computational theory.
  • Robust transmission of structural and stereo-chemical information is fundamental to selective chemical processes such as (bio)molecular recognition, enantioselective reactions, and the assembly of designed materials.
  • The research in the group of Siegel encompasses molecular design, chemical synthesis, and structural analysis, which constitute the three principle components of modern stereochemistry.
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Professional Membership
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Positions & Employments
  • 2015.1-2015.12

  • 2015.1-2015.12

  • 2015.1-2015.12

     Université LouisPasteur 
  • 2015.1-2015.12

     Princeton University 
  • 1979.9-1980.6

     Cal.St. Univ., Northridge