Ren ShangJie

School of Electrical and Information Engineering

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Associate professor


Control Science and Engineering

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No 92, Weijin Road, Nankai district, Tianjin, China

Brief Introduction

Dr. Shangjie Ren graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 2008. After that, he carried out research in Electrical Tomography at the same university, and received his Ph.D. degree in 2013. During 2015 to 2016, he worked as a visting l scolar in Stanford University (USA) in the field of Multi-paremteric and Multi-modality Imaging. At present, he is a associate professor in Tianjin University and doing the researches on Inverse Problems, Numerical Methods, Advanced Medical Imaging and Multi-modality Tomograpy. Dr. Ren has published many research articles in international journals and conference proceedings. His paper 'An EIT Image Segmentation Method Based on Projection Distance Minimization' has won the Best Paper Award in 2017 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques. He believes that Shape Inversion and Multi-modality Tomogrpahy will blaze a new trail for improving the spatial resolutions of Electrical Tomography.

Education Background
  • Doctor of Engineering| Tianjin University| Control Science and Engineering| 2013
  • Master of Engineering| Tianjin University| Control Science and Engineering| 2010
  • Bachelor of Engineering| Tianjin University| Automation| 2008
Research Interests
  • Inverse Problems; Process Tomography; Electrical Impedance Tomography;
  • Numerical Method; Boundary Element Method;
  • Medical Imaging Analysis;
Positions & Employments
  • 2017.7-2019.12

    School of Electrical and Information Engineering | Tianjin University | Associate Professor 
  • 2015.6-2016.7

    School of Medicine | Stanford University | Visiting Scholar 
  • 2014.1-2017.6

    School of Electrical and Information Engineering | Tianjin University | Lecturer 
Academic Achievements