Experience and Career Development of Postgraduates

On 14th Dec, 2018, a report themed on “Postgraduates’ experience and career development, along with afterthoughts on academic research" delivered by the Director of Tianjin University Emerging Engineering Education Center, Professor Gu Peihua of the School of Mechanical Engineering for staffs and all Ph.D. Candidates in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Dean Wang Tianyou, Vice-dean Cao Shuqian, Jiao Kui, Ke Liaoliang and all the other chiefs attended the seminar, which was presided over by Vice-dean Sun Tao.

To make younger staffs and Ph.D. Candidates have a thorough understanding on the current situation and the fine times in which the contemporary graduate students are living, Gu firstly introduced the current international and domestic academic environment and the relevant situation of the construction of Emerging Engineering Education in our university. After that, Gu suggested on how to comprehensively choose scientific research topics, doctoral candidates should read mass literature while taking notes to make a periodic summary.

Later, Gu advised that Ph.D. Candidates should set higher standards, strict self-requirements while improving their writing and communication skills with his academic experience at McMaster University. He stressed that university teachers are scholars that concentrate more on scientific research, not only should they guide students, but also become models for them. Academician Gu also shared his methods of writing academic papers, then gave best wishes to all graduate students.

After the meeting, Gu had an in-depth exchange with the doctoral candidates and staffs attending the meeting, answered the questions raised by students with kindness and patience. In the end, Dean Wang Tianyou instructed participants to bear in mind the expectations given by Gu, to make further efforts in their scientific research in the future, to achieve satisfying results, and to reap a more splendid life.

By: Li Jinding, School of Mechanical Engineering

Photo: Ma Tianming

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington