Review Meeting of Feasibility Study of “National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation”

On November 17th, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal People's Government held a review meeting in Tianjin University regarding the feasibility study report on “National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation” which is the part ofNational Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Facilities. Sun Yao, the Vice Minister of Education, Cao Xiaohong, the Deputy Mayor of Tianjin, Li Jiajun, the secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin University, Zhong Denghua, President of Tianjin University attended the review meeting. Academician Han Jiecai, Harbin University of Technology, Academician Wang Fuming, Zhengzhou University, Academician Chen Xiangsheng, Shenzhen Metro, Professor Lu Xilin of Tongji University, Professor Xu Shilang of Zhejiang University, Professor Teng Bin of Dalian University of Technology, Professor Li Guoqiang of Tongji University, Chen Yukun Researcher of Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Wang Yuping, Researcher in China Aviation Planning and Design Institute, Hong Wu, Researcher in China Railway 18 Bureau Group Co., Ltd., and Professor Zhang Xianming of Shanghai Jiao Tong University participated in the meeting. Besides, Ma Chaoying, Director of High Technology Department of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, and Gao Runsheng, Associate Counsel in Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education attended the meeting. Representatives of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Education Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, staff of the universities, and members of construction project teams participated in the meeting.

Sun Yao, the Vice Minister of Education, highly appreciated the developments and the achievements of the feasibility study onNational Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulationof Tianjin University. As he pointed out, major facilities are “the pillars of nation” for conducting frontier science research as well as meeting national strategic demands, so they should face the frontiers in world's science and technology, make a breakthrough in key areas and achieve original goals. According to the idea of “high starting point design, high standard construction, high quality operation” Tianjin University should seize the opportunities offered by the core strategic resources of the facilities construction, and as soon as possible make a breakthrough in frontier science. Sun Yao hoped that Tianjin University would combine the national spirit of Double First-rate University Plan with the idea of Intention Development, as well as would summarize and accomplish the ideas of the experts of this review meeting. He added that Tianjin University should as soon as possible revise and improve the feasibility study report, and maintain high standards, high quality and high efficiency of facilities construction.

On behalf of the Tianjin Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, Cao Xiaohong, the Deputy Mayor of Tianjin, sincerely thanked the experts and leaders for their strong support and kind help with the construction of the facility in Tianjin University. As she said, the Tianjin Municipal Committee and the Municipal Governmentattached great importance to“National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation” which was the first example of Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure in Tianjin. According to the 84th executive meeting of the municipal government, this project will receive policy and financial support from the government. Since the facilities constriction is the key work of the government, government departments should make the effort to coordinate the services, and to boost the productivity of the constriction process. It is necessary to find new path, to provide support for the science and technology development as well as accumulate experience which would help in reformation, innovation and development.

Academician Zhong Denghua, President of Tianjin University, made a speech and on behalf of the legal entity of this project welcomed all the experts and thanked them for their guidance. He denoted that “National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation” was one of the 10 best projects in “13th Five-Year Plan of Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure”, also it became the first national major science and technology infrastructure project of Tianjin University and the first one in Tianjin. During the application and preparation process, the project had received the strong support of the Tianjin Municipal Government, which has laid a strong foundation for constriction next year. Being the leading university, Tianjin University was actively carrying forward all aspects of work, it also held a series of seminars and was entrusted by China IPPR International Engineering Company Limited with the preparation of the feasibility study report. Zhong Denghua indicated that Tianjin University and the project work group would listen to the experts’ opinions to improve the construction plan, and all university staff would do their best to carry out the construction and operation work of the facility.

Academician Han Jiecai, the chairman of the expert group, and other experts attended the meeting listened to the presentation on the feasibility study report presented by the project group. The experts analysed the goals and the plan of the project, as well as its investment estimate, organisation and management, public sharing, resource utilization, environmental protection and other problems. They all agreed that the feasibility study report was reasonable and met the standards. The experts also made suggestions on how the feasibility study report should be improved.

“National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation” provide high level solutions to key scientific problems in earthquake engineering, such as large-scale and heavy-load seismic simulation, multipoint multidimensional seismic differential excitation and earthquake-wave and current coupling excitation. It plays an important role in increasing the overall level of research regardingdisaster prevention and reductionin the field of earthquake engineering in China.

By: School of Civil Engineering

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington