Symposium on General Scheme of Feasibility Study of “National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation”

On November 9th, 2018, Symposium on General Scheme of Feasibility Study of “National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation”, which is led by Tianjin University in the frame of the “13th Five-Year Plan” on major scientific and technological infrastructure facilities in China was held in Peiyang campus of Tianjin University. Academician Xie Lili, Institute of Engineering Mechanics of China Earthquake Administration, Professor Xu Jian, China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Professor Xu Weilin, Sichuan University, Professor Li Hongnan, Dalian University of Technology, Professor He Chuan, Southwest Jiaotong University, Professor Du Leigong, China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design and Research Co. Ltd., Professor Li Aiqun, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Professor Xu Jian, Research Fellow of China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co.,Ltd., Professor Zhang Qingsong, Shandong University and other experts participated in symposium. Qu Yang, Director of Science and Technology Cooperation Department, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Ding Ruiqing, Basic Research Department, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission and other guests attended the meeting. Zhong Denghua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Tianjin University, participated in the conference and gave a speech. Coordinators of the project construction as well as professors and students were also present at this meeting.

In his speech Zhong Denghua, President of Tianjin University, welcomed all the experts and guests and thanked them for their guidance. He denoted that the project had been officially approved by National Development and Reform Commission according to the national strategy policy and the safety requirements for major engineering projects. He added that high-level innovations of Tianjin University would build Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure –“National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation”, which will be opened to the public and reveal dynamic damage mechanisms of major engineering in complicate soil medium and hydrodynamic environment. In order to build comprehensive research facilities that will meet the world-leading standard, the University and the project team made the most elaborate preparations and the survey. In the end, they have demonstrated the results of the work. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Tianjin governments and all the experts, a forward-looking reliable general scheme has been elaborated. It was very important to fulfil the mission entrusted by the Party and the state. Therefore, Zhong Denghua wanted the University and the project team to listen to the experts’ suggestions and ideas to improve the general scheme, carry forward all aspects of the work and start constriction as soon as possible.

The experts listened to the special report on the feasibility study report general scheme that was presented by the project group. During the meeting the experts analysed earthquake experimental simulation system,high performance computing and intelligent simulation system and supporting equipment and service system. They all agreed that Tianjin University had conducted an overall feasibility study on key technologies in the process of facility construction and made advanced, reasonable, feasible general scheme. The experts also made suggestions on how the general scheme should be improved.

When National Facility for Earthquake Engineering Simulation is finished, it will become the biggest and the most powerful one. It will provide effective means of making a breakthrough in key scientific fields of study. Therefore, it is of great significance to ensure then safety project of civil engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Ocean Engineering and other major projects.

By: School of Civil Engineering

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington