Veteran Party Member, New Pioneer — Yang Enze

Here we have a story about professor Yang Enze from a student from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Be Open-minded in Study

Professor Yang Enze is very kind like a grandfather who learn Matlab independently, when I first heard about him. When I was in graduate school, I found out that professor's office was diagonally opposite my lab, so I could learn more about his daily routine. Sure enough, as the rumor goes, many students in the lab have spoken of the experiences of being "consulted" about Matlab by the old gentleman. I know my level is limited, afraid to be bombarded by the professor and embarrassed, so it is not easy to chat up him, even some to avoid.

One day, I passed the professor's door and saw him preparing to go out, and I whistled out of politeness. Professor Yang was surprised at first, and then pleased, and asked me if I could help him solve a problem about Matlab drawing that had troubled him for a long time. Though I was somewhat at a loss, I had to bite the bullet and said yes. After making some changes to the program, we finally got the same image as we had expected. Professor Yang clapped his hands in excitement, then patted me on the shoulder and told me that the problem had been solved. I am somewhat shocked, as professor Yang in scientific research is really refused to give in to old age, he has passion, perseverance, but also has unlimited fun. I really feel inferior. On my way out of the office, he thanked me and joked about my name, calling me "the king " .

When I helped him solve the typesetting problem for the second time, he couldn't remember my name, and I was a little disappointed. First, he carefully wrote down my solution steps on a piece of paper next to his computer. Then he took out a little book that contained the names and student numbers of many students and asked if I had registered. I thought this should be the people who professor had "consult". After all, a bad pen is better than a good memory. Professor Yang’s memory is not as good as in the past, but he is still careful. I recalled and admired the way he had been happy after the problem had been solved the last time. I wrote my name squarely in the book, and professor laughed at me for being the king again.

The Party’s Glory Keep Heart Shining Brightly

A few days ago, I accidentally read a report in "Today’s Headline" that professor Yang poured out his savings for the home schooling, which is a sigh. Then I looked up the column of the teacher’s ethics of the Tianjin University Party construction network, which revealed that professor Yang was really a sharp grinding sword and a bitter plum -- the year of his birth came at a time of the May Fourth Movement, and the sufferings of the motherland and the people inspired him to strive for the rejuvenation of the nation, prosperity of the country and happiness of the people since he was a child; after joining the Communist Party of China on July 1,1950, Mr. Yang, a teacher of the people, had a higher belief that education and scientific research are closely linked to the needs of the Party and the people. From then on, the party's strict request made him assiduous, the education of the party let him show his still, the Party's education policy let him boldly forward.

In spite of a hundred years' experience, professor Yang still maintains his original heart: I am an ordinary teacher of the people, everything I have is given by the Party and the people, and I want to return everything to the Party and the people. For the country, he laid a solid foundation for the domestic Fiber-optic communication technology research, and training a large number of outstanding scientific and technological talents for the country; As for teaching, his rigorous and strict style of study and academic attitude set a benchmark for colleagues and students; As for life, his thrifty, cancer-resistant, healthy posture infects everyone around him.

However, the image of professor Yang in my mind was this: He slouched over, holding a teapot in his left hand, stretching his right hand forward and walking slowly and steadily to the pantry to fetch water for tea. If a student or teacher greet him, he would stop and smile warmly in return. After many contacts with professor Yang, I had an epiphany: Most people with real character are ordinary consciously, willing to do the bricks of People's construction career, and then formed the simple and unsophisticated state of daily life. As an active member of the party, I should have the heart to seek truth and universal love. Start from small things to make my life and the people around me better.

By: Wang Xian and Luo Mingyi

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington