The Second Prize of "The International Entrepreneurship Contest 2018 in Hyogo"

“The International Entrepreneurship Contest 2018 in Hyogo” was held in Hyogo, Japan from November 23, 2018 to November 27, 2018. The International Entrepreneurship Contest was organized by China Education Association for International Exchange and Executive Committee of International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students. It was co-organized by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Consulate-General of The People's Republic of China in Osaka, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan, Hyogo Prefecture and The Consortium of Universities in Hyogo.

The competition rule was competitors would be screened by the registration information at the preliminary round, and the final competition was in Japan. Registration information was audited by the organizer, and those who passed were invited to the final competition. Candidates from China, Japan and South Korea submitted their application forms for registration. In the end, a total of 26 teams passed the preliminary round and were invited to the finals. This competition was decided at one first prize, two second prize and three third prize. Two teams from Tianjin University supported by the Office of International Cooperation were qualified to attend the finals. Among them, the team from our school won the first place of second prize and won the special award for Tianjin University as “Prize of the Chairman of Consortium of Universities in Hyogo”. Yalin Wang is the team leader of this winning team and she is the Grade 2017 Ph.D candidate in our school. Their project is “A biomass/ waste reutilization simulation system”.

The team members of this winning team all come from our school. Their names are Yalin Wang, Zhufu Fu, Wei Sun and Hong Su. They are Ph.D candidates and postgraduate students in the group of Biomass Energy Research Group supervised by Prof. Guanyi Chen. Their project mainly introduced the biomass/waste simulation software, the design and production of biomass and waste incinerators, gasifiers and gasification coupled coal-fired combustion boilers. The review points include market analysis, contribution to the society, industry status, specific operation and financial management.

Judges are Prof. Masahiro Toriyama from Graduate School of Management in Ritsumeikan University, Prof. Changju Kim from College of Business Administration in Ritsumeikan University, Prof. Susumu Takase from Graduate School of Management in Kyoto University, Prof. Satoshi Sugahara from School of Business Administration in Kwansei Gakuin University and Prof. Richard Miller from Faculty of Business Administration in Kobe Gakuin Universiy. The presentation language is English and about 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.

Before the competition, Meirong Zhao, the member of the Party Committee in Tianjin University and Hongchun Yin, the Dean of the School of Continuing Education in Tianjin University, had a cordial talk with our students and encouraged students to compete calmly and breezily. Meirong Zhao and Hongchun Yin were attending the exchange communication activity in Japan.

After the competition, Yalin Wang and Zhufu Fu as the representatives of the winning team of our school, were invited to the 5th China-Japan Education Exchange communication Dinner. At the dinner, the student representatives Yalin Wang, Fuzhu Fu, Teacher Meirong Zhao and Dean Hongchun Yin once again took the stage to receive the award.

This competition is fierce. Our students have demonstrated solid professional knowledge and outstanding innovation ability in the competition. They have fully promoted the innovative spirit and new image of the new generation of students. Their outstanding performance has left a deep impression on judges and teachers from China and foreign countries. They also show the international competitiveness of School of Environmental Science and Engineering in Tianjin University to universities from China and foreign countries.

By: Yalin Wang

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington