Two Works from Tianjin University Won 7th Qian Duansheng Award

The award ceremony of 7th Qian Duansheng Award for Legal Research as well as the Forum on the Law of China, was held in Beijing on November 25th, 2018. In this year, fifty-five awards were selected, including one first prize, fourteen second prizes, twenty-two third prizes and eighteen nominations. Tianjin University Law School won a second prize and a third prize in this meeting, which made our school in number of awards being ranked 8th in the nationwide. This is the first time that our school has won the award, and we made a breakthrough in the field of legal study.

Professor Zhang Weiping’s work, Logic of Transformation: Analyses of the Change of the Civil Litigation System, won the second prize of the 7th Qian Duansheng Award for legal research. This research analyzed the system structure of civil suits in China from the perspective of comparison, describing the essential characteristics and structure of the system of civil litigation in China. Furthermore, it also expounded the social, political, economic and cultural elements delivered by the current system structure of civil suit in China. Through transforming the system, Professor Zhang aimed at constructing a litigant-oriented litigation system which can adapt to the settlement of civil disputes in modern society. At the same time, this work had the significance for understanding the difference among the litigation system of Chinese law system, the common law system, the civil law system, and the former Soviet Union’s legal system.

Professor Yang Lixin’s work, Law of Tort Liability (2nd Edition), won the third prize. The general part of the book discusses the provisions of the law of tort liability, the composition and manner of debt, the situation of not assuming and mitigating liability and the limitation of action by revealing the function and application principle of tort liability in China. According to the current law, the specific part of the book analyzed the concepts, liabilities and the obligations that has been gradually solidified in the current law. And it gave a comprehensive interpretation of Chinese law of tort liability, set up the theoretical system of law of tort liability with Chinese characteristics, and provided sufficient academic preparation and significant theoretical support for the efficient and orderly codification of Chinses civil code, especially for the codification of the special provisions.

Qian Duansheng Award for Legal Research was established in 2006, sponsored by China University of Political Science and Law and was established in the name of the famous Chinese contemporary jurist, Qian Duansheng. The purpose of developing this award is to commemorate Qian Duansheng’s significant contribution to Chinese legal research, to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese legal research and to promote the process of the construction of the rule of law in China. Now, this award has become one of the most authoritative awards in the field of law in China as a ministerial level award with significant influence.

By: Bao Shaoqing, Law School

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington