Commemorating the Fortieth Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

On November 7th, launching ceremony and theme lecture of the Theme Activity Month "Commemorating the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening-up" sponsored by the Student Affairs Office of College of Management and Economics(CoME)was successfully held in Classroom 203, Area B, 26 Teaching Building. Li Geng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CoME, Liu Dayong, Associate Professor of the School of Public Administration, Shang Jie, Secretary of the Student Affairs Office and other counselors, and more than 200 students participated in the activities.

Since 1978, China has made remarkable achievements in various undertakings. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have successfully explored a road of socialist development with Chinese characteristics. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening-up, the Student Affairs Office of CoME set up the theme activity month of "Commemorating the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening-up". Relying on student associations such as the Association of readers, Seminar on theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Association Committee, and facing more than 3200 students from CoME, we will carry out a series of activities with various forms and rich contents, such as reading and sharing meetings, theme party days, theme group days, the living theaters and knowledge competitions, in order to guide students to understand the development process since China's reform and opening up,to learn the wisdom of China's reform, to enhance students' recognition of China's development path, as well as, to help students broaden their horizons and enhance their sense of mission of the times while improving their professional ability.

In order to help students understand reform and opening up effectively, the Student Affairs Office of CoME selected 38 books reflecting the changes of the reform and opening up over the past 40 years, and made a list of recommendation books covering political, economic and livelihood topics. At the event site, Dr. Li Geng presented these books to the representatives of Party branches and Group branches of different grades, and encouraged everyone to read more and read good books in college.

In an excellent sharing atmosphere, Dr. Liu Dayong began his lecture in the expectation of everyone. With the theme of "Forty years of reform and opening up & the growth mode and transformation development of China's industry", he emphatically analyzed the tremendous changes in China's economy in the past 40 years, including the driving force of industrial growth and the internal mechanism of market and institutional interaction. He quoted the collaborative research viewpoint with his teacher Professor Duan Wenbin, pointing out that the economic system reform initiated in 1978 is not to break the planned economic system itself, but to introduce non-public economy and market regulation mechanism through "incremental reform" and develop "extra-system economy", thus forming a "dual-track model" with Chinese characteristics. Overall, China's growth over the past 40 years has been reflected in its undertaking of international industrial transfer relying on the advantages of factor mix.

Subsequently, Dr. Liu Dayong mentioned one of the characteristics of China's economy is that China has huge economic volume, good resilience, full potential, large roundabout space and many policy tools, and pointed out that it is such an open economic system of great powers that gives full play to China's comparative advantages. Dr. Liu Dayong enumerated the value contribution and employment contribution of different industries in the United States from 1950 to 2016, and analyzed the changing characteristics of the international industrial division of labor. He pointed out that facing the new international industrial system, the global allocation of innovative resources and the cultivation of new momentum would contribute to industrial transformation and economic restructuring, and to enhance our industrial competitive advantage. Finally, he pointed out that China's industrial upgrading needs to promote technological innovation and productivity improvement through the improvement of market and system. We also need to sum up the development experience of the past 40 years, play the decisive role of market in resource allocation, better play the role of the government, protect property rights, promote market-oriented reform and achieve positive interaction.

After the lecture, the students asked questions enthusiastically. Dr. Liu Dayong adducing well-known scholars' opinions and data of well-known research papers, carefully and patiently answered the students' questions, and won warm applause on the spot.

The theme activity month takes "Commemorate the forty years of reform and opening up" as an opportunity, integrating rich connotations of patriotic education. Multi-level and systematic thematic education activities will be carried out, aimed at helping students better understand the process of reform and opening up and China's national conditions, understand the wisdom of China's reform, enhance "four matters of confidence", and integrate rich connotations of patriotic education. At the same time, students should be guided to learn from history, be brave in taking responsibility, study hard, and work together to write a new chapter for the future of China.

By: College of Management and Economics

Editors: Qin Mian and Keith Harrington