Rianlon Corporation Donates Ten Million Yuan to Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On the afternoon of May 9, the Rianlon Education Fund donation ceremony was held at TJU. The Fund was launched by Rianlon Corporation, with a donation of ten million yuan to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the students.

Li Haiping, Chairman of the Board of Rianlon Corporation and TJU alumnus, shared his experience at TJU and at work. He showed his gratitude towards the University for its help and support, and said that he wished to use the Fund to help those who want to start a business.

Li Jiajun, TJU’s Party Secretary, welcomed the Rianlon Delegation and thanked them for their support. He was confident that the Fund would play an important role in cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talent.

On behalf of the Peiyang Education Development Foundation, Lei Ming, TJU’s Deputy Party Secretary, signed the donation agreement with Sun Chunguang, General Manager of the Rianlon Corporation.

Rianlon Corporation set up the Endeavor Scholarship at TJU in 2013. Since then, Rianlon has been consistently making donations to support innovation and entrepreneurship among selected students.

By: Wu Jingjing

Editors: Ross Colquhoun, Sun Xiaofang