Autumn in Tianjin University


When the first wisp of autumn cool breeze strokes the cheek of students on Peiyangyuan Campus, everyone feels that it has come to our side again, silent and yet noticeable. It announces its arrival by painting the landscape around us in unimaginable hue with the palette, and begins preparing the creatures for the long cold days of winter.

The autumn scenery of Peiyangyuan Campus is picturesque. Yellow leaves slipped from the stem and scattered on the ground, as if it were covered with a golden carpet. Trees in front of teaching buildings, like a night of autumn wind, bloomed in yellow, while the autumn grass under his shelter refused to recede the shallow green. The reed by the pool danced to the wind like the best dancers with soft body.

Enthralled by the beauty, students walked out of classrooms and strolled on the campus, going skateboarding or taking pictures of Peiyangyuan Campus in autumn. Autumn is the season for harvest. Also, students who live and study here all work harder to have a big harvest in their subjects.

Editor: Zhang Qing, Qin Mian

Video Courtesy of: TJUSTV