Architectural Students Win Highest Chinese Contest of Rookies' Award


The finals of the 2020 SEU · Chinese Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students was launched through a combination of online live-broadcast and offline review meetings, and it came to a successful conclusion at Southeast University on September 27. Previously, in the preliminary competition that ended on July 19, a total of 13 works from Tianjin University’s School of Architecture entered the "top 100" finalists, top the ranking in number. TJU entry "City Riddle -- Gallery+City Park" by Yinghui Ren under the instruction of Shanchao Xin beat other 15 works in the final defense and won the highest Chinese Contest of the Rookies' Award.




Top 2 work"City Riddle -- Gallery+City Park"(城市迷藏——Gallery+City Park)

Contestant: Yinghui Ren Instructor: Shanchao Xin

The competition originates from the "Japanese Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students ", which was held in 2019. It provides a platform for architectural teachers to exchange with each other and showcase students' works. It gradually expanded into the annual "Asian Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students". The School of Architecture at Southeast University is the sponsor for the China division. The contest is open to students majoring in Architectural Design from freshmen to juniors across the country. It aims to build a brand-new competition platform that subverts the traditional form of architectural competition for young designers, and encourage them to think in a creative yet rational way. As a selection contest, it will select outstanding contestants to represent China in the Asian Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students.

In 2020, a total of 1,791 works from various colleges and universities were submitted across the country for preliminary selection, increasing 19.95% compared to 1493 in 2019. One hundred works were selected to enter the final. Among the works shortlisted for "top 100", TJU’s School of Architecture ranked first in the country with 13 entries, including 5 entries by sophomore students and 8 entries by junior students.

The final defense of the top 16 contestants was held online on September 27. The juries conducted a rigorous and meticulous review based on the contestants’ oral defense. The entry "City Riddle -- Gallery+City Park"(城市迷藏——Gallery+City Park) of the Tianjin University won the "Top 2" of the 2020 Chinese Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students. The “Top 2” contestants would represent China to participate in the AsianContest of the Rookies' Awardin Japan.

By the School of Architecture

Editor: Eva Yin