Bai Xin: I choose uncertainty, and I choose the world.


Bai Xin graduated from Tianjin University’s College of Management and Economics (CoME) in the summer of 2020 with a bachelor degree of engineering management.

After graduation, he signed a contract withCSCEC ALGERIE, and has gone to Algeria, North Africa and engaged in international engineering management.

“I love my major and would like to contribute to the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ through my work,” Bai said.

Life photo of Bai Xin

While Bai was at school, he was active in social works and excelled in academic study. He once served as the chairman of both TJUSTV and CoME Media Center. In his spare time, he loves movies and books, as well as photography and camera shooting, and is studying French recently. He has won many honors, such as National Endeavor Scholarship, Merit Student of Tianjin University, Chunhua Qiushi Grant of Tianjin University, Model in College of Management and Economics of Tianjin University, Advanced Individual in Entrepreneurship Practice of Tianjin University, Advanced Individual in News and publicity of Tianjin University, and Silver Award in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, Tianjin’s University Student Entrepreneurship Competition and so on.

“Once a teacher told me, ‘you are born to be an adventurer, and there is the spirit of adventuring in your blood.’”

Before entering university, he had never imagined that he would one day get engaged in the cause of international engineering. It was in a freshmen class when he first knew about international engineering. He could still remember the moment when the teacher, standing on the platform, told them about his overseas experience passionately. The teacher talked about how people like himself got engaged in promoting the “Belt and Road Initiative” for years, even amid dangers like regional wars, poverty, natural disasters and turmoil. The teacher’s vivid description left an indelible mark in his heart.

"I read Chai Jing's bookSeelast year, which depicts a scene in which a photographer is taking a total solar eclipse in Africa. All of a sudden, the sky and the earth turn black and only the sun is bright red. He throws the machine away and cries loudly on the empty land. It was so impressive, and I also wanted to go out and see such a different world and feel the breathtaking scenes."

Teachers’ introduction and peers’ encouragement built up Bai’s dream to enter the international engineering industry. Later, in the process of looking for internship, he aimed at the international engineering related positions. He got two offers. One was from China mechanical equipment engineering co., LTD. (CMEC)in July, and the other was from CSCEC ALGERIE in August. He carried on the field practice in North Africa in Algeria, and the experience into the frontline of international engineering management let him weigh and reconsider about his future again.

He did the internship in his junior year at school. One year before graduation, he had started to think more carefully about his future path.

During his internship, he was fascinated with the natural scenery and the sense of achievements as an international engineering practitioner. However, compared to the convenient life at home, it was very hard for him to adapt to the hardships and inconveniences of the foreign project site at the beginning. He had to think over and over again which path to take, whether to stay at home, find an ordinary job and live comfortably, or to join the “Belt and Road Initiative" and get on with hardship and loneliness.

“Maybe gain and loss can better demonstrate the mystery of the word 'choice'.Gain is always accompanied with loss. Without loss, you will not feel the tenacity and happiness even though you have got everything,” Bai said.

"One day when I was walking on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, I saw the sun fall into the sea, and the setting sun burned the whole sea into gold. At that moment, I suddenly stopped struggling.Compared with a stable life, I wanted to know more about the unknown world.I don’t want to wonder and regret what kind of life I could have led and what I could have seen in future when I look back at my life."

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea by Bai Xin

Bai Xin thought what mattered most in decision making was to know exactly what one wants. “No pain, no gain,” he laughed.

"In my opinion, there are no superior or inferior choices other than suitable ones or not. If the path is suitable for you, then it is a good choice."

Bai believed that the future was unpredictable. He made a choice, still he could not be 100 percent sure of his future. “But I do know that we must bear the consequences of your choice.”

"Youth is my biggest capital. Only by constantly adventuring can I have better ability and a broader vision. I also know that I will have to take more responsibilities in the future." As the pandemic ebbed in the summer, he went to work, more determined than he was a year ago.

Bai Xin is surfing with his friends in the Mediterranean Sea.

His choice echoes the life choices of many students majoring in engineering management at Tianjin University."To shoulder the responsibilities to build the world"is a shared aspiration of industrial management students. As the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" is under way, a batch of industrial management students choose to embark on a broader stage and pursue their life values like Bai Xin.

By Luo Yumeng

Editor: Eva Yin