New Year’s Greetings for 2021


Li Jiajun, the Party Secretary of Tianjin University

Jin Donghan, the Principal of Tianjin University

Work tirelessly for a first-class university

As we welcome 2021, at this happy time of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, we would like to extend, on behalf of Tianjin University (TJU) and in our own name, our New Year wishes to our faculty members, retired staff, alumni at home and abroad and people from all works of life who has long cared and supported the development of TJU.

For all teachers and students of TJU, the year 2020 is not only outstanding but also unforgettable. Faced with the daunting challenges presented by COVID-19, we took an active part in fighting the pandemic with a united will, achieving a win-win result both in epidemic prevention and control and our own development. In addition, we made our own efforts in ending poverty nationwide. At the same time, the year of 2020, the 125th anniversary of the founding of TJU, witnessed remarkable breakthroughs in all respects of TJU.

Over the past year, guided by the principle of spreading knowledge and cultivating people, we have been committed to grooming first-class talents for our country. Focusing on this task, we have made strenuous efforts to promote the comprehensive reform of talents training. That is to say, we are devoted to developing students with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor through endeavors from all faculty members via all directions in the whole process. By doing so, we seek to build a talent training system with a higher level. In the past year, we continued to change the face of our country. Having been selected as the first batch of pilot universities under the “Strong Foundation Plan” of the Ministry of Education, we were entitled to enroll 150 students in 5 majors. Furthermore, 19 majors were listed as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate programs; 45 courses were recognized as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate programs; 19 projects were selected in the second batch of national new engineering research and practice programs. We have launched the “TJU Plan 2.0” for the new engineering program, which builds a three-level new engineering talents training platform for universities, colleges, and majors in a gradient and differentiated way. In so doing, we aim to promote the iterative innovation of the new engineering program. We held the fourth conference on graduate education so as to discuss how to implement a comprehensive reform on state-of-the-art post-graduates in the new era. Students of TJU won 2 gold and 3 silver medals in the 6th China International “Internet Plus” innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students, making the best result ever seen.

Over the past year, following the principle of laying equal emphasis on both the introduction and education of talents, TJU has been striving to build a strong team of first-class faculty members. To this end, we have improved the career development system for our teachers, promoted the building of a basic contract teaching group, expanded the scale of postdoctoral recruitment and pushed forward the comprehensive reform of the personnel system in an all-around way. Taking professional title evaluation and employment as an advantage, we have furthered the reform of classified evaluation to create a more enabling environment for outstanding talents. 2020 also saw the holding of the "PEIYANG Forum for Young Scholar" in TJU. Greater efforts have been made to the introduction and education of talents, thus the overall quality of teachers steadily improved. Among them, one was awarded the National Innovation Award, one the honorary title of National Advanced Worker, one the honorary title of National Labor Model, one the 16th China Youth Science and Technology award and one the title of National Youth Position Expert Model.

Over the past year, the school has been committed to overall planning to build the top-notch discipline system. To make that happen, we have promoted the overall arrangement of the disciplines of "Strengthening Engineering, Reinforcing Science, Rejuvenating Literature, and Prospering Medicine", and independently approved and added the Ph.D. program of the first-class discipline in physics and the first-class discipline for master degree in intangible cultural heritage (interdisciplinary). The Center of Applied Mathematics Center of TJU was selected as one of the first 13 National Center for Applied mathematics. To answer the call of New Liberal Arts initiated by the Ministry of Education, we have established the Alliance of Legal Education Innovation. Prof Yan Xiaofeng was appointed as a member of the Central Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Engineering Advisory Committee. This year, three hospitals directly under TJU have been available, Taida Hospital, Taida International Cardiovascular Hospital, and Sino-Singapore International Hospital respectively. Now, TJU has, under its umbrella, 6 affiliated hospitals, with Tianjin Hospital one of them.

Over the past year, under the guidance of innovation-driven development, TJU has been striving for top-flight scientific research achievements, with research fund exceeding 3.7 billion yuan. We have led 16 national key R&D projects, including 4 international cooperation projects. In the past year, we have obtained the approval of 381 projects by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including 1 innovative research group project, 5 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars projects, and 10 Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects. 4 major and key projects of the National Social Science Fund and 1 major social science research project of the Ministry of Education were approved as well. The 4 national science and technology awards that were declared by TJU as the first completion unit have passed the final evaluation, winning us a first prize of the 8th Higher School Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (in Humanities and Social Sciences). The Critical Zone Observatory of Bohai Costal Region (Bohai CZO) was selected into the national field station selection list. Two engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education passed the evaluation, in which the Engineering Center of Light Power Ministry of Education was rated as an excellent one. We have reached an agreement to build an Innovation Research Institute of Tianjin University in Sichuan Province and signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading companies in the industry.

Over the past year, TJU, in an open spirit, has made great efforts to deepen international cooperation. Now, it has established cooperative relations with 249 universities, research institutes, and companies in 50 countries and regions. International cooperation programs in education have been actively promoted: Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute (GTSI) was established by TJU with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and Tianjin University-National University of Singapore Joint School in Fuzhou has been under construction. In addition, the “Belt and Road” Initiative Development and Research Center for Culture and Talent has been built in TJU. China-ASEAN Engineering Universities Consortium has been further expanded, with its membership added to 24 universities across 7 countries. The number of highly educated international students has further increased.

Over the past year, believing in cultivating students through culture, TJU has been giving great priority to the construction of campus culture. Themed on "global TJUers jointly build a well-off society and a global village", TJU has held a series of academic and cultural activities online and offline, including a patriotic exhibition, interviews with alumni who made great contributions to our society, alumni innovation and entrepreneurship competition, poetry concert, among others. In so doing, we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the TJU so as to further create great synergy for development. Furthermore, Tianjin University has rallied the support of the entire university to help Dangchang County get rid of poverty. Additionally, a Guinness World Record for "the longest drone show" was awarded to TJU this year.

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the first year of the 14th five-year Plan and a crucial year for the development of TJU. Going forward, we will take this opportunity to embark on the new journey--the second step of the "New Three Steps" strategy. Pooling wisdom and strength of all TJUers at home and abroad, we will make greater efforts to achieve our ambitious goal. That is, we seek to become a world-class socialist university with Chinese characteristics and TJU's style. We will continue to strive, march ahead with courage, and create brighter glory!

We wish all TJUers and friends around the world a harmonious, smooth, and auspicious year, full of happiness.

By: Sun Fei, Cheng Sheng and Wu Mengqi

Editor: Qin Mian