Hi, TJUers, do you find your lucky bag?


This winter of January, 2021,is no doubt a cold and chilly one with its temperature dropping to the lowest of many years as was reported by the news, let alone the disturbing news of ravaging COVID-19. However, students at TJU who were facing all the challenges amid looming final exams, found themselves warmed up and cheered by lucky bags that appeared on the Peiyangyuan Campus on the freezing night of January, 4.

Those red bags that seemed to glimmer in the weak but persistent light cast off by road lamps, were found either dangling on the handles of bicycles, or sitting on top of direction bulletins, or dancing among tree branches, waiting to have an accidental encounter with students who walked out of the library after a day of hard work.

Those so-called “lucky” bags actually were stuffed with snacks like red dates, bagged milk tea and instant coffee, and a good-wish card with inspiring words written on it to warm people up.

Students enjoyed this little surprise very much. They shared their feelings on their WeChat Moment, reading, “It must be a sweet 2021” “The little blessing brightens my whole day” “I’m so happy to receive the blessings” etc.

Vulunteers are placing lucky bags on campus.

Wang Haotian from the Student Union of TJU is one of organizers of this activity. He said that student volunteers serving as “deliverymen of warmth” deployed more than 600 lucky bags on campus.

“The glows of those lucky bags are mysterious and romantic. We hope they can add some spice to students’ daily life, especially during the hard time of epidemic,” Wang said.

“We are constantly living under the threat of the epidemic, plus many students are facing enormous pressures brought by final exams and career choices. We hope to help them temporarily relieve their anxiety by sending lucky bags to them.”

Lucky bags on the campus

Xin Keting, a consultant teacher for the Student Union said that recently sporadic cases of COVID-19 appeared in many places of China. Under this circumstance, all faculty and students were strictly following relevant regulations and rules to prevent and control the epidemic.

Students who received bags show them on WeChat Moments.

It’s the thought that counts. “With joint efforts of the whole society to fight against the epidemic and the support from each other, we look forward to the arrival of the real spring together.” Xin said.

By Ren Xiangyun

Editor: Eva Yin