TJU Architecture Seek​ Development through Concerted Effort


On December 17, the Architectural Education Committee of Tianjin University held an annual meeting to discuss the architecture discipline’s future development.

Mr. Kang Jian, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering delivered an opening speech online as the Honorary President of the committee, giving a warm welcome to the members and anticipating the experts tocontribute ideasto the development ofthe School of Architecture.

Leaders from the School of Architecture reported their work to the committee and sparked heated discussion about the development trend of architectural design and urban-rural planning industry of contemporary China.

Two committee members, Cui Kai, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Prof. Zhou Kaimet with President Jin Donghan after the meeting to discuss about discipline construction and imminent disciplinary evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

In the afternoon, the committee and leaders from the School of Architecture inspected the Water Conservancy Hall, which is in renovation for further use. They mainly visited the showroom of the Water Conservancy Hall, the classroom for sophomore’s design classes, model rooms and the planning hall, and introduced about the Hall’s renovation and the use ofthe teaching space.

Afterwards, the experts and leaders went to the NO.2 canteen which was about to become “Tianyi Architecture Hall” to inspect the overall renovation project. The experts highly affirmed the renovation plan and gave some suggestions.

By the School of Architecture

Editor: Eva Yin