Tianjin University Attends International Summit of University Leadership 2020


On Dec 19, the Southern University of Science and Technology hosted the International Summit of University Leadership 2020 in the city of Shenzhen. Guided by China Daily Press, the forum gained academic support from the China Association of Higher Education. It was co-sponsored by Peoples Network, the Education Department of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CPC.

The theme of this forum was "Forging ahead for high-quality education development during the 14th five-year plan". More than 60 secretaries and presidents from all over the country focused on building a powerful country with high quality education, and the reform and development of colleges and universities.

This forum concentrated on four topics: "promoting the construction of scientific and technological innovation system and innovation ability in Colleges and universities", "implementing fundamental task of cultivating talents with moral integrity", "improving the strategic level of colleges and universities serving regional development" and "innovation and development of new research-oriented universities".

“To cultivate talents with moral integrity is to instruct people with patriotism to catch the trend of times and undertake the responsibility of national rejuvenation.” Lei Ming, deputy secretary of Party committee of Tianjin University, attended the forum and delivered an exchange speech on "how to implement fundamental task of cultivating talents with integrity". Lei pointed out that the core goal of colleges and universities is to cultivate talents and foster moral integrity. Only those universities that have trained first-class talents can be ranked as world-class universities.

How to incorporate the concept of cultivating talents with integrity into the teaching, scientific research and management of higher education to further improve the quality of talent cultivation? “Action speaks louder than words. The key to developing a university consists in atmosphere.” Said Lei.

As the pilot university designated by the Education Ministry to carry out the reform of “Three Aspects of Education” concept, Tianjin University took the lead in launching the comprehensive reform plan concerning talent cultivation. Appropriately combining the “Three Aspects of Education” concept with “educating five domains simultaneously”, Tianjin University formulated a system through top-level design to cultivate talents into socialist builders and successors with all-round development in morality, intelligence, sports, esthetic education and labor.

“Under the guidance of this reform scheme involving all members and covering the whole campus, the transformation in the adjustment of subjects and specialties, the innovation in organization of scientific research as well as the reform of personnel system will gain momentum. Staff of every position in the campus should be clearly aware of their significance in educating students. Everything pertaining to the reform should be oriented to improving the capability of cultivating talents and proceed with the fundamental task of cultivating talents and fostering integrity. All teaching faculty are indispensable to university education and responsible for nurturing a comprehensive education atmosphere.

“The new round global technological and industrial revolution has brought about myriads of changes within a split second, which embodies opportunities and challenges for higher education.” Lei said, “This year, we have established Student Researching Center and Youth Development Center, aiming to follow the needs and growth of these youths in a more scientific way and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.”

As a large-scale annual education forum, the International Summit of University Leadership has been held seven times. More than 400 university secretaries and presidents gathered together to focus on hot issues such as university development, personnel training, enrollment system reform and university internationalization. Through the exchange of their ideas and experiences have yielded a great deal of insights and constructive results, bringing about enormous positive influence. "Hot and dry noodles, long time no see! The girl from Tianjin University warms up the whole spring with three cartoons!" and other works recommended by Tianjin university were selected as excellent campus news works of in 2020.

By: Cheng sheng

Editor: Qin Mian