Happy New Year of the Ox, all TJUers!


Free meals for the whole day on the Chinese New Year’s Eve, a gift package full of fruits and to enjoy New Year blockbusters for free for three days in the University cinema are all the privileges provided by Tianjin University to all of its students who chose to spend the Spring Festival in the Year of Ox at school.

Festival greetings from faculty and students

Free fruit package distributed to students

A Spring Festival Gala was broadcasted online on February, 10, one day before the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Students who watched the cloud gala not only received festival blessings extended by the University President, Professor Jin Donghan and other faculty staffs, but also learnt from Prof. Feng Jicai, a famous writer,painter and cultural scholar about different Spring Festival customs across China. Amid joyous dance and singing performances, viewers of the cloud gala also had fun attending the prize draws.

Prof. Feng Jicai introduces New Year customs.

Free film tickets were distributes to students, assuring them attend nine film shows that will release all the new year blockbusters.

President Jin Donghan wishes everybody Happy Chinese New Year!

“At this wonderful moment, I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year of the Ox ! I wish TJUers all over the world and friends who care and support Tianjin University all the best in the new year!”President Jin Donghan extended festvial greetings on behalf of the university.

Happy New Year of the Ox, all TJUers!

By Eva Yin