Cherry-Apple Trees from TJU Root in Fujiacun Village on Arbor Day


March 12 welcomes China’s 43rdArbor Day. On this day, around 100 teachers and students from Tianjin University went to Fujiacun village in Jinghai district and planted 50 delicately-cultivated cherry-apple trees donated by the university.

The villagers helped plant the trees under the guidance of labor tutors coming from TJU logistics department and responsible for campus landscaping. After over one-hour toil, two rows of trees were standing vibrantly on both sides of the village’s main road.

“This is the first seedling I have ever planted. At the thought of my labor work being able to grow here and contribute to rural revitalization, I feel so excited,” said Hou Yupeng, a postgraduate from the School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering.

TJU cherry-apple tree is a renowned culture signature of Tianjin. The 50 seedlings donated to Fujiacun village are Xifu cherry-apple trees which have been carefully looked after for years. The trees now measure 2 meters high, blooming in spring and fruiting in autumn.

TJU students and teachers would see to the future maintenance of these trees. On each tree hangs a name plate with a QR code and the group name responsible for the caring of the tree.

On the same day, Tianjin University established and inaugurated the“Students Labor Education Practice Base”at Fujiacun Village. “At the base, students will do some laboring in the field. In this way, they are expected to have a better understanding about the relationship between man and nature, themselves and the outside world,” a faculty from the university’s Office of Students Affairs noted.

Tianjin University has organized tree planting activities in Fujia village for three consecutive years, and has donated nearly 500 landscape trees such as cherry-apple trees and sophora japonicas, worth more than 380,000 Yuan.

By Cheng Sheng

Editor: Eva Yin