Hot and Fresh! Postcard for 2021 Crabapple Blossom Festival

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In late March, as the spring is very much in the air of the campus, the much expected 10th Crabapple Blossom Festival of Tianjin University is approaching. Before feasting our eyes on the flowers, let’s appreciate the annually specially designed festival postcard first and learn the story behind the design.

Designer: Sheng Xinlei, an undergraduate of Urban & Rural Planning at the School of Architecture

Design Concept

Since the first Crabapple Blossom Festival held in 2012, the blossom has always been punctual for the appointment with TJU every spring.

In the middle of this postcard is a suitcase. The new semester arrived quietly hand in hand with the spring. Students packed their luggage, and got ready to meet new challenges with brand new expectations. What fills the suitcase is TJUers’ deep love for their Alma Mater, their yearning for the spring’s arrival, and the expectation for the annual Crabapple Blossom Festival. With these beautiful blessings and hopes, students came back to the campus just like swallows back to the North in the spring.

Sitting on the suitcase is the building complex in the center of the new campus. The number "10" turns into a path, passing the buildings, plants and crabapple petals on the campus. The east gate of the old campus is located on the far end of the vertical axis, complementing with the buildings on the horizontal axis. The figures and scenery in the two dimensions represent the themes "Chun (the spring)", "Hui (come back)" and "Kan (appreciation)", which fully conveys the eager expectations of students, faculty and alumni to appreciate crabapple blossom in the spring.

"In full bloom is your beauty, and flourishing is my youth." As the spring breeze blows, the petals of crabapple are flying leisurely, enlivening the campus, and touching the hearts of every energetic youth at TJU. In the forthcoming decade, let us start a new journey with our original aspirations.

There are also some other brilliant works that show the beauty of crabapple blossom in different ways. Let's take a look.

Designer: Li Yuxiao, College of Intelligence and Computing

Designer: Sun Jinwen, School of Architecture

Designer: Fei Longxiang, School of Architecture

Designer: Wang Chun, School of Architecture

Designer: Sun Jinwen, School of Architecture

Designer: Wang Xinran, School of Architecture

Designer: Wang Jun, School of Mathematics

Designer: Qi Tianyu, School of Architecture

Designer: Sun Jinwen, School of Architecture

Designer: Liu Pengdong, College of Intelligence and Computing

By Ren Xiangyun

Editor: Eva Yin