Welcome the Class of 2025!


On August 25, Tianjin University’s campus sprang to life as thousands of new students arrived on campus and moved in the many residence halls across its two campuses.

In a time of pandemic ravaging, the university rolled out series of epidemic-prevention regulations for all new comers.

Freshmen are required to monitor their body temperature and conduct self-health observation for 14 days before registration, and wear masks during the whole public transport journey to the school. A nucleic acid test report within 48 hours is also mandatory for all students.

The university organized more than 1,000 voluntary students to help freshmen through the move-in days as no parents are allowed to enter the campus for epidemic control concern, and some ferry vehicles are dispatched to carry students’ luggage. “The moment I set foot on campus and was surrounded by so many helping hands, I feel I have arrived at home, overwhelmed with love and warmth,” said He Xinyue, who was admitted into the School of Architecture.

The university’s financial aid centers are also in full swing, running 24 hours a day during the move-in days. Here, students can apply for deferred payment of tuition and accommodation, freshmen grants, flood disaster subsidy, nucleic acid test subsidy and travelling expense subsidy, and consult about National Student Loan and part-time job information. For each and every student under financial distress, the university cooperates with JD e-commerce platform and provides them an electronic shopping card voucher worth 200RMB. Students can use the voucher to purchase over 400 items of commodities such as Stationery, books, washing products, and toiletries on JD with prices far below the market prices.

The move-in days will last from August 25 to 26, expecting to see 4742 students sign up for college study at the university.

By Eva Yin