Timely Support to Save Doctoral Candidate from Dropping out


On August 24, a gracious letter of acknowledgement from the Shaanxi Women’s Federation quickly circulated on campus. “We sincerely appreciated TJU for your kind help to relieve Yang Nan’s burden, a newly admitted doctoral candidate who is suffering from the dilemma of taking care of his sick mother and continuing his study. You have brought this poor family warmth and hope. Such righteous and responsible behavior touched us all,” wrote the Women’s Federation in gratitude.

Lei Ming, the Vice Secretary of TJU, visits Yang Nan at the hospital.

Yang Nan is supposed to register at Tianjin University this fall and started his doctoral study at the School of Civil Engineering. Unexpectedly, his mother suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in this June and is undergoing treatment in the ICU(Intensive Care Unit)at great expense. Yang Nan’s mom is the sole breadwinner of the family who has to pay for Yang and his two sisters’ college fees. With no income to afford costly medical bills, the family turned to media for help. Learning about Yang’s plight, TJU Student Financial Aid Center worked together with the School of Civil Engineering, the Graduate School and the Alumni and Fund Office, and came up with an all-round support plan covering Yang’s education fees, daily life expense and his mom’s medical bills.

“Brace up, kid, and help your mom to get well soon. The university will always support you,” said Lei Ming, Deputy Party Secretary of TJU. She paid a visit to Yang Nan and his mom at the ICU in Xi'an International Medical Center and offered them on behalf of the university ten thousand yuan aid money.

Yang and his family were very grateful to the university. “I hadn’t expected to receive the care and support from Tianjin University before I officially registered. I will try my best to live up to their expectancy and fulfill my scientific research dream” said Yang.

TJU Student Affairs Office and the Graduate School will keep in close touch with Yang Nan, helping him go through enrollment and financial aid application. His tutor also intends to provide financial support to him.

By Xie Fuyu

Editor: Eva Yin