TJU Move-in Days Welcome more than 7,000 In-coming Graduates


On August 31 and September 1, more than 7,000 new graduates of Tianjin University arrived on campus .

In order to ensure the health of students and provide them with the greatest convenience, the university arranged volunteer pick-up and ferry services while implementing relatively closed management.

"The orientation work is a very meaningful thing for me, which enables me to pass on the school's care for us to the new TJUers. We hope that our service can help the new comers start their life at TJU with enthusiasm and confidence." said Wang Zhili, a student volunteer from the School of Civil Engineering, Class 2023.

During the orientation period, all schools and colleges have prepared orientation activities and gifts for the new students. The slogan "Moving mountains and reclaiming the sea, making meritorious deeds" on the map placed at the welcome spot of the School of Civil Engineering is particularly eye-catching. "This slogan is not only the pursuit of our teachers and students, but also the spirit of the School of Civil Engineering. I hope it can arouse the students' love for the motherland and the city where they study,” Meng Zijian, a master’s and doctoral counselor of the School of Civil Engineering introduced.

The School of Mathematics, has a mascot, Little π. "π is the ultimate charm of mathematics. When you see the little π, you will see the endless creativity of the School of Mathematics of TJU." said Kai Liu, a new graduate student.

The sign in front of the orientation point of the School of Earth System Science briefly introduces the history of Tianjin University. Institute of Molecular plus specially launched the warm-hearted initiative of "senior students help new students", matching each new student with a senior party memberwho is to provide customized help. A photo wall with novel design and distinctive features was erected in front of the orientation point of the School of New Media and Communication. The new comers can take photos here. " Although I left home, seeing all kinds of warm gifts carefully prepared by the college, I really feel that this is my second hometown!" said Chen Huiyao, a graduate student of the School of New Media and Communication.

By Zhang Hongyu

Editor: Eva Yin