​Tianjin University Convocation Welcomes In-coming Students


On September 9, Tianjin University held a double Convocation for new students this year, one on Peiyangyuan Campus in the morning and another on Weijin Road Campus in the afternoon.

The Convocation on the Peiyangyuan Campus

The Opening Ceremony on Weijin Road Campus

President Jin Donghan attended the dual Convocation and called on students to enjoy the community of Tianjin University and leave their own special marks on China’s first modern university.

President Jin Donghan gives welcoming speech on the dual Convocation.

“You were born in a great time and face unprecedented challenges. A new life scroll unfolds in front of each of you. Be it gorgeous or ordinary, it is up to you to decide. Cherish your time at the university and make full use of it,” President Jin Donghan said.

“Learning is never an easy thing. In fact, it's not easy to do anything well. The answers to life are written in time. You have experienced ten years of hard work to get into college. What else can't you bear! Time will prove to you that all your efforts will eventually converge into a bright light to illuminate your way forward,” he remarked.

Other University faculties who spoke at the events expressed how thrilled they were to welcome the new students.

Prof. Han Qinghua

Prof. Han Qinghua from the School of Civil Engineering encouraged those in attendance to “embrace the new life journey in the city Tianjin, and at Tianjin University. While urging students to abide by the school motto of Seeking Truth from Facts and be bold enough to try different things in life, study and research, Prof. Han hoped that new comers could exercise more and experience more by traveling and social practice.

Prof. Li Xiaoying

Prof. Li Xiaoying from the School of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering asked students to “integrate personal ideals into the cause of the country and the nation” and “carry on the university heritage of prospering education for national revitalization”. She also advised everybody to be innovative and down-to-earth at the same time. “Be bold enough to think differently, but be down-to-earth in carrying out scientific researches and experiments,” said Prof. Li.

Xu Quanjun, a master student of Class 2022 at the School of Materials Science and Engineering and Li Jinxuan, a doctoral candidate majoring in Architecture felt honored to welcome the new students in the Convocation.

Xu Quanjun welcomes new comers in the opening ceremony on Peiyangyuan Campus.

“Eight years ago, I set my feet on Tianjin for the first time. Now, the city with a long history and profound cultural heritage has become my second hometown,” Xu Quanjun said affectionately. He shared his story as a devoted volunteer who has done social services for an accumulated 3,000 hours and raised 60000 yuan charity money for children in remote areas in the past eight years.

Li Jinxuan welcomes new comers in the opening ceremony on Weijin Road Campus.

Li Jinxuan recalled how he was inspired by Prof. Qiang Yuan who designed the second subway project in China in 1970s and alumni Cui Kai, Zhou Kai and Li Xinggang, renowned architects presenting the world with the Olympic Stadium Nest and the Water Cube. “I followed their step and focused my research on the ‘transformation of old communities’ in mega cities. I have walked through numerous corners of Tianjin, recorded their changes over years, and published 37 related academic papers. My research has provided first-hand data for the city’s renovation project.”

Freshmen representative Jiang Letian

Freshmen representative Ma Qianyue

Two freshmen, Jiang Tianle and Ma Qianyue spoke on behalf of all in-coming students. They showed great excitement to start the collegiate life and have all kinds of expectations. Jiang was passionated about chemistry engineering and technology and hoped to make something big one day as the famous alumni Hou Debang once did. Ma, as a Tianjin native, learnt a lot about the University and was quite drawn by its characters. “It’s my goal to become a better man who is knowledgeable and confident.”

A total of 5,043 students comprising 2,787 freshmen and 2,256 first year graduates attended the Convocation on the Peiyangyuan campus, and 1,519 freshmen together with 2,065 first-year graduates were seen on old campus.

By Eva Yin