[Hello, Tianjin] Xu Gaoyang: a city with long history and rich culture

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I come from Anhui Province. With a longing for Tianjin, a city that often appears in my dream, I came to Tianjin and became a freshman at Tianjin University.

A sketch of Peiyang University (Tianjin University)

A city’s history is forever engraved into its bones and soul. Every grass and tree in the city is a piece of history. During the Westernization Movement in the late Qing Daynasty, Tianjin was the main defense base in northern China and set up a series of modern industries. Though the Movement was a failed attempt to save the country, but it brought advanced technologies to China. Then came the Hundred Days Reform. Thanks to efforts of historical figures like Liang Qichao, Kang Youwei and Yan Fu, the Chinese people finally realized the importance of education for nation revitalization. In those days, it must be mentioned that my university, Tianjin University, formerly known as Peiyang University, was founded and became the first modern university in China. The university has cultivated a number of outstanding students and made important contributions to the development of modern China.

The Minyuan Stadium in the Five Great Avenues area, Tianjin

The city has an eternal cultural gene flowing in its blood. Holding a cup of fragrant tea and a book, I read Mr. Feng Gicai's Tianjin Cultural Map: Love the City Where I Study. and found the scenery spot-- Five Avenues mentioned in the book very desirable. The continuity of history and the intermingling of cultures are what make the Five Great Avenues a lovely place.

After looking back at the past, let us look forward to the future. As a freshman, I look forward to my four years collegiate life at Tianjin University. I will focus on academic study, work hard to learn knowledge and make it my duty to revitalize engineering science. I love the city I am in. It was love at the first sight!

(Xu Gaoyang, '25, the School of Science)

Translated by Pu Peiyang

Editor: Eva Yin