[Hello, Tianjin] Wang Chun: an inclusive city

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Editor’s note: "To know and get connected with the city where you go to college will provide you with more city experience and cultural experience that are indispensable to your life. It not only opens your eyes to the outside world, enriches your life and interests, but also helps shape human being’s most noble spirit, that is, the sense of social responsibility," Prof. Feng Jicai, a renowned writer and cultural scholar in China, once said. Tianjin University launched a campaign among the Class of 2025, encouraging them to know Tianjin and love Tianjin, the city they are going to spend at least four most precious years of their life. Our homepage will cover a series of stories telling Tianjin in new comers' eyes.

Hello, Tianjin!

On the evening of my first day in Tianjin, standing in my hotel room and looking out, I saw the most beautiful and glorious sunset glow in my life. The setting sun was emitting its last rays of light, and the color of the clouds was fascinating. The people of Tianjin are as warm as the sunlight. The warmhearted texi driver left me a deep impression and offered the first comfort and welcome to the strangers.

Tianjin is lightly different from what I have imagined, but but I am inevitably attracted by the retro literary atmosphere of this city. I think this is an inclusive city, with obvious urban characteristics while retaining many antique neighborhoods. People here seem to live a quite relaxed life.

I look forward to seeing thecrabapple flowers on campus, to trying various delicious food, to falling in love with the city, to having good memories with the city and saying "good morning", "good afternoon", and "good night" to Tianjin every day.

Wang Chun, '25, College of Management and Economics

Translated by Zhang Hongyu

Editor: Eva Yin