[Hello, Tianjin]Wei Cheng:to sing a lyric for Tianjin

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This is my Tianjin.

From Zhigu village to Tianjin Port, the Haihe River flows through, humming the poetry of a century. The fishermen changed one after another, but the city stood tenaciously and unyieldingly.

The sea breeze blew over the faces of generations and pass the residual beacon fire of the old fort. The gateway to Beijing, the mission to defending the country, the birthplace of legendary people, all integrate into the outline of Tianjin.

Li Shutong(a famous modern musician, art educator and calligrapher) believed that “close friends are bound to separate” and followed the footsteps of the Buddha in his heart. Liang Qichao wrote Ice-sipping Room Collected Works and On our Young China in turbulent times, and these works have been circulated as classics forever. Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao as a love couple established the Awareness Society together and were committed to the revolutionary cause.

The Ice-sipping Room Liang Qichao lived in his later years.

Oh, this is our Tianjin, a legendary city with the gradually turbid river, the peeling western-style building, and the everlasting vibrancy. Talking about the ups and downs, humming an old song, we sat quietly, never lonely, watching the customs on both sides of the strait, reading the poems. The soul drifts from here, drunk on the cruise ship, sinking in the lotus fragrance. The begonia flowers are the elves of the summer night.

Oh, this is our Tianjin, with brilliant lights and endless joy. More than 600 years of time have passed away like bubbles, leaving behind the fragrance of Tianjin that everyone can feel.

This is our Tianjin. It is magnificent, just as Liang Qichao said, "The future is like a sea, wide, great and grand.”

By Wei Cheng,'25, Discipline of Ecology and Environment (Science Experimental Class)

Translated by Zhang Hongyu

Editor: Eva Yin