Architecture Student Wins TEAM20 Award


On August 31, 2021, TEAM20 wrapped out its 9th Annual Architecture and Urban Planning Horizon Award. The work "Unknown Land -- Reconstruction of Industrial Ruins in Beijing 798 Art District" by Guo Buxin, a senior student from the School of Architecture under the instruction of Kong Yuhang, Zou Ying, Xin Shanchao and Zhang Xinnan stood out from many works and won first prize. It is the third consecutive year that TJU’s architecture students have won first prizes in this graduation design competition on behalf of mainland universities since 2019.

Once a year, TEAM20 hosts the competition for architecture graduates. It focuses on the graduation design works in Architecture and Urban Planning. Since 2013, the competition has collected a total number of over 600 entries, all of which come from architecture or planning graduates in China’s top universities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TEAM20 has hosted the competition online and promoted its activities to include architecture colleges from Southeast Asia since 2020.

The design is two-dimensional, including urban design and architectural monomer design. Based on the concept of "gaming", with the transformation of existing space and resources of 798 Art District, a narrative route reflecting the history of 798 factory and the evolution history of Beijing artists are designed for visitors. Furthermore, the 718 Joint Factory, an industrial ruin in the 798 Art Zone, is designed to reflect the history and memory of the former factory and reform the existing community with as little intervention as possible.

Guo Buxin said, “I want to thank my teachers for their guidance. They gave me a great liberty to explore and express my inner most thoughts, my wandering minds and my sense of beauty, which I ultimately conveyed through hand painting of space, light and shadow. It’s a traditional yet personalized way of artistic creation. I am also very grateful to my classmates Jiang Yuening and Lai Hongrui. I have learned so much from both of them. It has been great spending time together doing research and staying up all night before the final evaluation. These are precious memories to me.”

Guo Buxin (the right)

By the School of Architecture

Editor: Yang Fan & Eva Yin