New Program of Engineering Project Investment and Financing is Enrolling


Tianjin University recently launched its the first micro major-- Engineering Project Investment and Financing Program to cultivate students' financial thinking and professional skills in engineering investment and financing. The program was approved as the Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project and the first batch of research and reform projects about new liberal arts by the Ministry of Education.

Since the establishment of infrastructure management engineering major (the predecessor of engineering management major) in 1981, the major has trained a large number of experts in the field of investment and financing for the country. The construction of micro-major relies on the double first-class university construction platform of Tianjin University, and fully takes the advantages of the first-class discipline of management science and engineering and the national first-class undergraduate discipline construction point of "engineering management". It has a perfect brand, strong faculties, and sound training system.

Program features:

I. Oriented as general education, this program is suitable for students from all professional backgrounds and provides students with a broader career development direction.

II. The program is meticulously designed and offers specialized courses. The core couses help students to establish a complete investment and financing knowledge system and framework from the perspective of the project's life cycle. It aims to cultivate students with a composite knowledge background and strategic vision.

III. The progrm boasts superior teaching strengths. In addition to senior teachers from the university, the faculty team also includes industry mentors who bring to class practical cases. For outstanding students, they can attend training camps such as "Investment and Financing Management Application Model Construction" and "Rail Transportation Industry Investment and Financing Operation Practice".

The program will last for one year. Students who have completed all course assessments and passed the exams can obtain the micro major "Engineering Project Investment and Financing" certification issued by the College of Management and Economics of Tianjin University.

By the College of Management and Economics

Editor: Eva Yin