Original Play Hou Debang Staged at Tianjin Grand Theater


On the evening of October 27, the original playHou Debangof Tianjin University (TJU) staged at the Tianjin Grand Theater. Hundreds of students, teachers, medical staffs, and “the most outstanding scientists and technicians” members from TJU, Tianjin primary and secondary schools, and affiliated hospital watched the wonderful show. “This play reminded me of what my grandfather looked like, and I've learned about the patriotism and innovation spirit of the scientists at that time, namely, cherishing the motherland and serving the people,” said Hou Shengxin, Hou’s granddaughter.

Hou Debang is a world-famous chemist and China’s caustic soda industry was promoted by Hou's Process for Soda Manufacture. As a pioneer of China’s chemical industry and a professor of Peiyang University (now called Tianjin University), he stuck to the idea of saving China from struggling chemical, scientific research and education industries, which exerted a widespread impact on TJU. The playHou Debangis listed in “Publicity of Science Grandmasters”, a project initiated by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Tianjin University did everything it could to elaborate on Hou and carry forward his scientific spirits. It has organized a professional team consisting of art experts and invited Xu Ruisheng, an adjunct professor of TJU and China’s first-class director and playwright to help. Besides, the Peiyang Drama Club and young teaching staff of TJU have worked with artists from Tianjin Art Vocational college to design the stage set and choreography.

Hou Debang returned to China at Fan Xudong’s invitation andblazed a path of soda production, that is, Hou's Process for Soda Manufacture. It also told a story related to the transition of the minor chemical fertilizer industry after 1949. The theater was packed during the performance with an electric atmosphere and immersed the audience. The plot unfolded Hou’s dream-pursuing journey from science-based national rejuvenation to national industry revitalization, spanning from his youth to prime. The cast had an extraordinary performance, interpreting his images and achievements vividly.

“Tianjin University has always attached great importance to achieving aesthetic education through high-quality cultural activities to help teachers and students carry on with history.Hou Debangmarks the 1000th weekend play held by Tianjin University,” said Guan Hong, secretary of Youth League Committee of TJU. “A play can also foster the young people. I hope it could drive the youth to promote scientific spirits and integrate their patriotism into building China into a great technological powerhouse.”

By: Yang Juntao

Editor:Qin Mian & Yang Fan