Tianjin University Hold Campus Bloggers’ Forum


During the 2021 Campus Network Culture Festival, the TJU Campus Bloggers’ Forum held in Meeting Room B301, 1895 Administrative Building, Peiyang Park Campus. Student campus bloggers from various online new media platforms gathered in the forum, together with the representatives and staff members from the Publicity Department, the Office of Student Affairs, the Committee of Youth League, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

During the forum, campus bloggers shared their knacks for creating, operating, and disseminating high-quality blogs, and explore how to strengthen the cooperation between different bloggers and their interaction with the school official accounts, so as to further the image of TJU as well as spread positive energy online.

Hou Yuqian, 2017 undergraduate of the College of Intelligence and Computing, has once won the first prize of College Students’ E-commerce Live Employment and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the national top 50 honors of the “Campus Super Player” activity of Xiaohongshu (a social media and e-commerce platform in China). She has served as the host of the live-streaming of the 2021 TJU Crabapple Blossom Festival, and her personal experience has been reported many times by the media on and off the campus.

Luo Ruixin, 2016 undergraduate and 2020 postgraduate of the School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics Engineering, has launched a series of popular science short videos combining his postgraduate research direction of “brain-computer interface”. She also attracted many fans through her vlog about sharing a harmonious daily life in the research group. She hoped that more students would join her to record and share the daily scientific research life full of positive energy and tell science stories more accessibly.

Miao Xuanbo, 2015 undergraduate and 2019 postgraduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, is a shutterbug whose photography works have received millions of views on numerous platforms. He has volunteered for more than 20 shooting missions for over 10 associations in TJU. For two consecutive years, he took pictures of TJU’s undergraduate admission notice, and donated aerial videos to the university during TJU 125th anniversary. In his opinion, as a blogger enjoying photography, one should not only boast excellent professional skills, but also have a precise grasp of the regularity and timeliness of the hot topics. Together with like-minded students, he wanted to take more attractive photos and videos for his beloved Alma Mater, and further spread its beauty through the Internet.

Ou Xilong, 2018 undergraduate of the Qiushi Honors College, on behalf of The Stray Cat Rescue Association of TJU, shared their practice in using new media to advocate the harmonious relationship between humans and animals on campus, rescue stray cats in need, and carry out the popularization of animal breeding. He expressed his desire to cooperate with more bloggers to create a series of campus IP for the adorable animals through continuous online publicity.

Lin Chenzheng, 2017 undergraduate of the College of Intelligence and Computing and 2021 postgraduate of the School of Architecture, has nearly 90,000 fans at Bilibili (a Chinese video sharing website). His works have been viewed 17.73 million times, with the highest views of a single one reaching 6.19 million. Through the video, Lin told his story of constantly exploring the content and style of his works at Bilibili in the past four years of running his account. In particular, he created some cult videos through consistent study based on his professional advantages of animation and design. He was eager to treat the forum as an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other bloggers, in a bid to generate more colorful works to promote TJU.

Then the participants continued to discuss topics such as “how to be a quality campus blogger”, “what role the bloggers could play in publicizing TJU”, “what kind of linkage should be realized within the community of individual and official campus new media platforms”, and “what supports from the university were expected for the growth of bloggers”, etc. The consensus on account operation lied in the accurate orientation and unceasing progress, with the final goal of promoting TJU.

Representatives from different departments addressed the forum respectively, including Wang Tao, Qin Mian, Wang Heli, Liu Zhidan, and Yu Fuwang from the Publicity Department, Xie Wenchao from the Committee of Youth League, Meng Zijian from the undergraduate admissions office of the Office of Academic Affairs, and the students from the TWT Studio of the Office of Student Affairs. They gave detailed introduction to the operation and contribution system of different official new media platforms of TJU, and held a profound discussion with the bloggers on mutual support and collaboration.

The collection of works for the 2021 Campus Network Culture Festival is also in progress. It calls for works in 9 categories, including micro-videos, micro-films, cartoons, photographs, online articles, public service advertisements, audio recordings, campus songs and other network innovative creations generated or published in 2021. All students are welcome to contribute.

Check the link for the notice of works collection:

By: Han Shiyu

Editor:Qin Mian & Yang Fan