Le Certificat International d'Etudes de Paysage et de Territoire


China-France high-level people to people exchanges mechanism-"Excellent Project of Sino-French University Cooperation" Tianjin University-Bordeaux School of Architecture and Landscape, Bordeaux Third University

Joint Teaching Project

Courses include landscape theory and field cognition, ecological plastic arts, regional planning and design projects, etc.

Also including courses related to the rich culture of France and the beautiful language

Internship opportunities and practical courses such as tourism with supervisors

Courses’ credits can be redeemed as School of Architecture ’s credits

Exchange Duration: 1 year

Presentation: 11:40 am. Nov. 10th, 2021. West Stage 102

Registration deadline: 24:00. November 21, 2021

Registration: Send a compressed package with (1) the "Undergraduate Overseas Exchange Program Application Form"(Scanned copy with signature, the form can be found on the official website of the college-International Exchange-Common Form Download); (2) transcripts of previous years and (3) portfolios or excellent works to teacher Zhao Han's mailbox zhtjuetju. The subject of the email is: Bordeaux project registration-name-student number

Registration requirements: 19 undergraduates majoring in architecture, planning, wind and forestry, and 20 undergraduates majoring in environmental art

Selection: Interview with teachers from both China and France

Project advantages: Broadening professional perspectives through cross-discipline study; making up for the lack of understanding of regional planning, landscape and ecological environment; mastering one more language and understanding one more country; studying while traveling; re-understanding majors and obtaining international credit certification and a French university diploma; assisting further application in French-speaking countries such as France and other English-speaking countries in Europe and the United States.

By: Law School

Editor: Qin Mian