Xue Yang Win the 8th University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award


The Ministry of Education held the award ceremony for the 8th University School Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) winners. The ceremony not only showcased the historical achievements of philosophy and social sciences in colleges and universities, but also proposed guidelines for high-quality development and new landscape.

A branch venue was set up at Tianjin University, and Associate Professor Xue Yang's research report won the Youth Achievement Award.

As one of the important achievements in studying and implementing the agenda of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the report was published on issue 21 of the Ministry of Education Newsletter 2017 (Special Journal for University Think Tanks) and received instructions from Vice Premier Liu Yandong. The report points out that global technological innovations have brought brand new and non-traditional challenges to China. We should pay attention to the potential threats to economic, social and ecological security and tremendous pressure on political security posed by scientific and technological security risks, especially biotechnological ones. The report proposes that we should improve the biosafety regulatory mechanism from five aspects: strategic planning, regulatory system, legal system guarantee, scientific research capabilities, and popularization in society.

By: Law School

Editor: Li Xiang and Qin Mian