Yang Xianjin Meets with Fujian Standing Committee Delegation


Yang Xianjin, Party Secretary of Tianjin University, met with the delegation led by Xing Shanping, a member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Province,which was to participate in the “Talent in Fujian Week”. The two sides conducted a discussion about strengthening Province-University cooperation in the field of cultivating talent and technology innovation.

Yang Xianjin attended the meeting and extended a warm welcome to the delegation, saying that Tianjin University and Fujian Province conduct good cooperation and Tianjin University graduates have played an important role in all walks of life in Fujian. He hopes to take the opportunity of “Talent in Fujian Week” to strengthen communication and cooperation of talents between the two sides, attract more outstanding graduates to work in Fujian and fulfill their values. Tianjin University will continue to promote the cooperation, build Fuzhou International Campus of Tianjin University and cultivate more high-quality talents to contribute to the economic and social development of Fujian.

Xing shanping expressed gratitude to Tianjin University for its actions. She said that Tianjin University and Fujian have established a long tram win-win relationship due to their good cooperation. The two sides have jointly promoted talent exchange, implemented innovative projects and achieved preliminary results in the construction of Fuzhou International Campus of Tianjin University. She hopes that in the future, by virtue of the talent advantages of Tianjin University, Fujian can be supported to promote all-round high-quality development and surpass, and make full use of the strength of both sides to achieve common development and to write a Fujian chapter in fully building a socialist modern country.

Before the meeting, Xing Shanping investigated the National Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety of Tianjin University and Zheng Dong Library, and visited some experts and scholars from Fujian.

Recently, Fujian Province had launched the fifth “Talent in Fujian Week”, which mainly includes the meeting of provincial school leaders, the visitation to the academicians or experts, policy publicity,and the promotion of“Refreshing Fujian” and other activities. The activities will be online or offline on campus to attract outstanding talents from universities to make achievements in Fujian.

By:Zhu Jingxuan

Editors: Qin Mian & Yang Fan