Preview: The 100th Anniversary of Mr. Shen Yulin's Birth and Educational Seminar


The year of 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Professor Shen Yulin’s birth, prof. Shen Yulin is a famous Chinese urban planner. As one of the pioneers of urban planning in China, he established the Urban and Rural Planning program and founded the Department of Urban and Rural Planning of Tianjin University.

To cherish the memory of Mr. Shen Yulin (1921.3-2013.4), to commemorate his contribution to the discipline of urban and rural planning in China, to understand the development of the discipline in the new era under the foundation laid by the ancestors, and to pass on Mr. Shen's spirit and knowledge from generation to generation, Tianjin University School of Architecture and Tianjin University Architectural Design China Planning Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Urban Planning Society, Tianjin Urban Planning Society will hold the 100th anniversary of Mr. Shen Yulin's birth and an educational seminar on December 18, 2021.

"I have been exhausting my life doing my best on the battlefield of education, to excel in teaching, to sharpen new generations of socialist successors who love our motherland, the people, and the progress of mankind. All that was needed as one of the people’s teachers."

Mr. Shen Yulin graduated from the University of Illinois, after his graduation and returning to China, he was employed by the Department of Architecture of Tangshan Institute of Technology, China Jiaotong University. With the adjustment of the departments in 1952, the department merged into Tianjin University, and he served as a professor in the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University.

In 1954, Mr. Shen took the lead in establishing the urban planning professional education system, making Tianjin University one of the first colleges in China to establish an urban planning major and recruit graduate students majoring in urban planning. For more than half a century, Mr. Shen always insisted on working on the front line of teaching. He cultivated a large number of elites and talents from the university and contributed greatly to China's urban planning.

The "History of Foreign Urban Construction" compiled by Mr. Shen has grand structure, extensive content, diverse perspectives, and in-depth analysis. It has won the National Excellence Award of the State Education Commission and the first prize of the Excellent Textbook of the Ministry of Construction. It is also one of the most important text books for the urban and rural planning majors of colleges and universities in China.

By: School of Architecture

Editor: Qin Mian