Feasibility Study Report of Campus Construction Project of GTSI Approved


Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality approved the feasibility study report of the campus construction project of Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute (GTSI), Tianjin University, which marks a milestone in the campus construction of GTSI.

GTSI campus located in Nanshan District in the city of Shenzhen. It covers a planned area of 166,715 square meters, and the building area is 190,415 square meters, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, stadiums, office buildings, overhead floors and corridors. Bureau Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality has launched the design bidding of the project, and it is expected to start construction in October 2022 and to be completed in September 2025.

Upholding the principle of adjusting measures to surrounding mountains, GTSI project fully respects nature, follows the law of nature, and coexists in harmony with the surroundings. The campus always puts students first by providing safe, friendly, suitable, and efficient space for the faculty and students. It also gives high priority to resources conservation, environment protection and pollution reduction, to build a campus that is instructive for students. The campus can not only create rich cultural and academic atmosphere but also become the spiritual home of teachers, students, and alumni.

The feasibility study report advocates building a “near-zero carbon” campus and introducing a Living Building Challenge (LBC) system. GTSI campus construction will integrate the theory with practice, and form a new green building standard, to forge an Arcadia in the modern metropolis.

LBC is a green building standard system with the richest evaluation dimensions and the highest certification difficulty. The student center planned and constructed by GTSI integrates the state-of-the-art concepts of green buildings and healthy buildings. It not only puts forward higher standards and requirements for green buildings from a new perspective, but it is also a truly zero-carbon building.

About GTSI:

Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute, Tianjin University (GTSI) is a Sino-foreign cooperatively run school by Tianjin University and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA with the support of Shenzhen Government.

Relying on the advantageous disciplines of Tianjin University and Georgia Institute of Technology and focusing on the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen, GTSI provides postgraduate education in electronic and computer engineering, analysis (Big Data Analysis), environmental engineering, computer science, industrial design and other disciplines.

Located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, GTSI enjoys significant geographical advantages, abundant international high-quality elements, high-tech industries, and a strong innovation atmosphere. Focusing on the strategic industrial needs of the Greater Bay Area development, GTSI actively establishes emerging engineering majors based on the strong disciplines of the two universities, cultivates talents with international vision in engineering, scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation. GTSI welcomes global excellent applicants aiming to pursue an international first-class master’s degree.

By: Chen Nannan

Editors: Liu Xiaoyan & Zhang Mingyi & Qin Mian & Yang Fan