Various Activities to be Held to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival on Campus


Dragon Boat Festival, one of the four Chinese traditional festivals, is around the corner. To celebrate the Festival, Tianjin University will hold colorful activities such as making zongzi— sticky rice dumplings wrapped up with bamboo or reed leaves, handing out zongzi, weaving colored ropes and making sachets.

Receiving Zongzi as Festival Gifts from the University

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival (June 3), starting at 11:30 am, free zongzi with assorted fillings will be handed out at lunch at canteens on both Weijin Road Campus and Peiyangyuan Campus. Every faculty and student on campus will receive zongzi as festival gifts from the University.

Making Zongzi

On Weijin Road Campus, from 11:00 to 12:30 on the morning of June 3, zongzi-making activities will be held in the dormitory areas of Pengxiang Apartment, Liulitai Area, and Qilitai Area. On Peiyangyuan Campus, from morning to the afternoon, zongzi-making activities will be held in the dormitory areas of the south, middle and north areas respectively.

Making Hand-woven Colorful Ropes and Sachets

In the classroom area, faculty and students can weave colorful ropes and sew sachets according to the on-site production method and they can take their finished products away as souvenirs.

Sending Dragon Boat Festival Souvenirs

In the dormitory areas, there will be small souvenirs of the Dragon Boat Festival, such as wormwood bags, zongzi bracelets, etc.

All faculty and students are welcome! Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all faculty and students!

By Li Min

Editor: Sun Xiaofang