2022 Tianjin University Commencement and Degree Granting Ceremony Held


On June 10,Tianjin University held the commencement and degree granting ceremony for Class 2022 graduates. Thousands of graduates and their relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony, either online or on the scene, to celebrate the academic success of all graduates who are about to bid farewell to their alma mater and usher in a new chapter of their life.

The event was attended by Mr. Yang Xianjin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin University (TJU), Mr. Jin Donghan, Tianjin University President, Mr. Li Weiyi, a representative of TJU alumni, leaders of schools and colleges, academic degree committee members, and faculty and staff representatives.

The ceremony was presided over by Ms. Lei Ming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of TJU.

Undergraduate student Wang Junling from Medical College gave a speech as a representative of undergraduates. She is the first medical student of Tianjin University and the first undergraduate student majoring in intelligent medical engineering in China. She said in his speech:“Under the scorching sun, I volunteered in the community to provide free clinics for the elderly; in the fierce cold wind, I went to many hospitals to guide patients for their treatment, trying my best to closely connect what I learned with people’s needs. For the graduate recommendation, I firmly choose Tianjin University again. I would conduct in-depth study in the field of neuroengineering, using the research methods of brain science to help children with autism connect with the world. I will safeguard their health and brighten their lives with my benevolence and resolve.”

As a representative of postgraduate student, Ye Zhanpeng, a Class 2022 doctoral graduate of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, in his speech shared his nine-year wonderful experience at Tianjin University. He said,“The best years of my youth are closely related to Tianjin University, where I learn knowledge and grow into a better me. Beautiful memories are still fresh in my mind from the undergraduate admission to the doctoral graduation, with the hard work of scientific research, the encouragement and care of teachers, relatives and friends, and beauty of crabapple blossom on Huadi Road. My alma mater taught me how to study and how to behave. I passed on the love of Tianjin University to more people through being a volunteer teacher at Tanchang Lions School, teaching students mathematics, physics and chemistry, and setting up the ‘Peiyang Lions Stars’ scholarship there.”

As a representative of international students, Wu Ruilong, a graduate of the Intercultural Education major from Venezuela, gave a speech. “I would like to extend my deep appreciation to Tianjin University. Tianjin University welcomes people from all over the world and spares no effort to provide each student with superior research environment and learning conditions, cultivating us into international talents and helping us achieve our goals and dreams. Over the past few years, I have participated in the promotion of Tianjin's ‘Pancakes and Fruits’ and ‘Subway Culture’ with great passion; I went to Lanzhou, Gansu to participate in international cultural expositions and intangible cultural heritage research activities; I participated in Tianjin University's ‘Understanding China’ series of activities, and went to Tanchang, Gansu to conduct practical research. I have seen China's great achievements in poverty alleviation and I appreciate the splendid civilization of this great country in my own eye. Today, our journey on the TJU1895 train is coming to an end. Let us shout to our respectable alma mater and lovely teachers and students: I love you, Tianjin University!”

“Congratulations to all the students who have successfully completed their studies and left their alma mater for a new stage of life!” Professor Wang Chengshan, the teacher representative and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, extended his blessings to the graduates.“The past few years have witnessed your conscientious studying, the gaining of sincere teacher-student love and true friendships. You have spent the best years of your youth here, and now you will start a new life journey. I hope you will become great talents and shoulder great responsibilities; I hope you will learn lifelong and keep making progress; I hope you will lead your life with great love and gratitude; I also hope that you will remember your alma mater and come back often. —The moment you make great achievements in your future life must be the happiest moment for your teachers!”

Mr. Li Weiyi, a representative of TJU alumni, sent his blessings to the graduates: "What is the biggest gift that Tianjin University has given me? I think it's still our university motto - 'Seeking truth from facts'. TJU’s former president Zhang Hanying proposed the famous 'three questions': Do you understand? Can you? Dare you? Today, I still want to quote these three questions and inject them with new meanings. Do you understand? To learn; Can you? To do things persistently; Dare you? To take on responsibility bravely. Tianjin University people should have great ambitions, face the challenges ahead and make their own contributions so as to write their own chapters in the magnificent journey! May you play your own part to pave the way for national rejuvenation! I wish you graduates a bright future!”

Li Weiyi is currently Chairman of CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd., and a TJU alumnus of Grade 1990 port and waterway engineering. Under his leadership, CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd., has completed a number of survey and design projects with international influence, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Guangzhou Nansha Port, demonstrating the responsibility of Tianjin University people.

TJU President Jin Donghan extended his warm wishes to all the graduates:“On behalf of the University, I would like to express my warm congratulations to all the graduates! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have carefully guided you and your families who care and support you! The most romantic thing in life is that we are young and powerful when we are needed! Hope you stand clear in the face of the right and wrong, be fearless when facing severe tests. In the future, you have the courage to reform for the better, and also have the perseverance to be ordinary and dedicated. No matter what path you choose, I hope you will have no regrets in your youth, and I hope you will take the new path bravely.'Being dedicated to innovation’ is the unremitting pursuit of Tianjin University people. Innovation is a kind of thinking, a kind of courage and a kind of method. No matter the path ahead is smooth or rough, we must persist in innovation and forge ahead with greater resolve so as to embrace a better tomorrow.Hope you work hard despite the fact that the miracle of life may not appear easily; you have the tenacity to endure great hardships with no need to rush; you are proud of every little progress though not surrounded by flowers and applause. No matter how far you go, your alma mater will always care about you. No matter how wonderful or ordinary your life is, your alma mater will always support you! May you live the life you want! "

Before the end of the ceremony, all the graduates sang the school anthem. "Youth breeds infinite hope, and youth creates a better tomorrow." Inside and outside the gymnasium, the students embraced and took photos to memorize the moment.

By Li Min

Editor: Sun Xiaofang