Tianjin University Launches Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses


The improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship abilities has been a hot topic of public concern. Six innovation and entrepreneurship courses have been launched at Tianjin University, including remarkable entrepreneurship and educational transformation, incubator operation mechanism and service system, planning and evaluation of entrepreneurial projects, technology entrepreneurship, lean startup and investment and financing logic. And these courses are lectured by Professor Shi Liangxing from Xuanhuai School of Tianjin University

These courses enable students to understand the situation, basic meaning and classification of innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad. By taking such courses, students could understand the entrepreneurial opportunities and their principles of assessment, the basic concept of market requirements, business model and its basic concept, financing channels, common entrepreneurial risks and basic management strategies. In terms of knowledge, skills and emotional value, those courses can help students establish scientific and reasonable concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, follow the rules of them, have professional spirit, as well as actively participate in social entrepreneurship practice.

By Liu Zhen

Editor: Sun Xiaofang