【CMG】Muhammad Saqib:Works in China after Graduation, Falls in Love with Chinese Food


After a master’s graduation from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University, Muhammad Saqib came to a high-tech enterprise in Guiyang, working as a mechanical engineer.

He said that although he was used to the climate in Guizhou and had fallen in love with the local food, a cup of fragrant Pakistani milk tea was still his nostalgia. Thus, he used Guizhou black tea and Pakistani tea to brew the smooth milk tea by himself. How does it taste? Let’s take a look at his story.

Muhammad Saqib is from Pakistan. He came in China in 2019. He studied his Master’s degree in School of Mechanical Engineering at Tianjin University. After his graduation, he joined a high-tech company as a robot engineer in Guiyang. His major area of concern is building control algorithms, trajectory tracking algorithms and real-time implementation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

Muhammad Saqib was interested in Physics and Mathematics when he was in senior high school. Now in a different culture, what he misses is Pakistani milk tea. So, he self-made a kind of combination of Pakistani tea and Guizhou black tea. He showed how to make it:

First of all, we will add water in our cattle. After that we will add milk in it. And then we can add some grains of Green Cardamoms and this black tea. After that, we will add sugar in it according to our requirement. OK, this is the procedure of making milk tea. With Guizhou black tea, let's try to make milk tea together with Guizhou black Tea and Pakistani tea. First step is dding water and milk. This one is Green Cardamoms. Now we can add Guizhou black Tea as well. I would like to add sugar in it. If you continuously to stir it like this, it will make the tea a little fluffy. It smells good. The tea is ready, now we can have a taste. Actually, it is a combination of Pakistani tea and Guizhou black tea. The overall flavor and the smell are very nice.

By Chu Jingyi

Editor: Sun Xiaofang