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Brief Introduction

Zhong-Xian Li is a Chair Professor of civil engineering at Tianjin University of China and the Dean of Key Laboratory of Coast Civil Structure Safety of the Ministry of Education, China. He was jointly trained by Tianjin University and University of Basilicata in Italy and obtained his PhD in 1991 from Tianjin University. He once served as President of Tianjin Chengjian University from November 2010 to March 2022. His research interests are the civil engineering structures and disaster prevention and mitigation, especially the earthquake resistance of building and bridge structures and the blast protection of civil buildings. He developed the world's first Underwater Earthquake Simulation Shaking Table Array System and edited the first Standard for Blast Protection Design of Civil Buildings in China. He has published four books, more than 525 journal papers and won three national science and technology awards.

Education Background
  • Doctoral degree| Tianjin University| Structural Engineering| 1991
  • Joint Training| University of Basilicata, Italy| Structural Engineering| 1990
  • Master's Degree| Tianjin University| Structural Engineering| 1987
  • Bachelor's Degree| Tianjin University| Building Structures| 1984
Research Interests
  • Structural Engineering and Disaster Prevention
  • Earthquake Resistance of Building and Bridge Structures
  • Blast Protection of Building Structures
  • Structural Health Monitoring
Professional Membership
  • Member of Discipline Appraisal Group of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, China
  • Member of Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, China
  • Chairman of Tianjin Civil Engineering Society
  • Board Member of China Civil Engineering Society
  • Fellow and Board Member of International Association of Protective Structures
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Branch of Structural Vibration Control and Health Monitoring, Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering (CSVE)
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Seismological Society of China (SSC)
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Branch of Disaster Prevention and Resilience for Urban and Rural Engineering (DPRURE),China Association for Disaster Prevention
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Branch of Earthquake Engineering, Seismological Society of China (SSC)
Positions & Employments
  • 1997.12-Now

    School of Civil Engineering | Tianjin University | Professor 
  • 2010.11-2022.3

     Tianjin Chengjian University | President | Professor 
  • 2003.6-2003.6

     Swinburne University of Technology, Australia | Visiting Scholar 
  • 1997.5-2000.1

    School of Civil Engineering | Tianjin University | Deputy Dean 
  • 1998.3-1998.6

     University of Southern California, USA | Visiting Scholar 
  • 1993.12-1997.12

    Department of Civil Engineering | Tianjin University | Associate Professor 
  • 1995.1-1995.12

     University of Cambridge, UK | Visiting Scholar 
  • 1991.6-1993.12

    Department of Civil Engineering | Tianjin University | Lecturer 
Academic Achievements
Structural Engineering and Disaster Prevention
The research team of "Structural Engineering and Disaster Prevention" is a high-level innovation team formed in the development of the national key discipline of structural engineering at Tianjin University. Relying on the Key Laboratory of Coast Civil Structure Safety of Ministry of Education and the Tianjin Key Laboratory of Civil Engineering Structure and New Materials, the team is committed to carrying out innovative research on new high-performance structural systems, earthquake resistance of buildings and bridges, and blast protection of civil buildings, and has become a high-level innovative research and talent training base with great influence at home and abroad.
There are 12 team members, including:
1. Zhong-Xian Li, Chair Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
2. Yang Ding, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
3. Yanchao Shi, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
4. Ning Li, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
5. Jiabao Yan, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
6. Yundong Shi, Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
7. Liang Zong, Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
8. Yunbiao Luo, Associate Professor, Master's Supervisor
9. Jian Cui, Associate Research Fellow, Master's Supervisor
10. Junshen Su, Associate Professor, Master's Supervisor
11. Bo Zhao, Associate Research Fellow
12. Huishen Zhang, Engineer