Ge Xiang

School of Mechanical Engineering

Professional Title

Associate professor


Mechanical Engineering, Bio-manufacturing, Antibacterial Biomaterials

Contact Information

Room 418, No.37 Building (South), School of Mechanical Engineering, Peiyang Campus, Tianjin University, 135 Yaguan Road, Haihe Education Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, China


Brief Introduction


2009.02~2012.01  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (No.27 | QS World University Rankings 2021), Hong Kong, China

                              PhD in Mechanical Engineering: Bio-manufacturing

                                   - Thesis: Topographical Effects on Bacterial Behaviors

                                   - Supervisor: Prof. Yang Leng

2006.09~2008.12  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (No.27 | QS World University Rankings 2021), Hong Kong, China

                              MPhil in Mechanical Engineering: Bio-manufacturing

                                   - Thesis: Electrochemical Deposition of Fluoridated Calcium Phosphate on Titanium Substrates

                                   - Supervisor: Prof. Yang Leng

2001.09~2005.06  Tianjin University (No.285 | QS World University Rankings 2024), Tianjin, China

                              BEng in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

                                   - Thesis: The Electrospark Precision Dressing of Cast Iron Bonded Grinding Wheel Based on Nanometer Feed

                                   - Supervisor: Prof. Chengzu Ren

Working Experience

2023.06~   Now         Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China  

                                  Associate Professor (Tenured)

2020.08~   Now         Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

                                  Master Supervisor

2020.12~2021.06      Sports Center Sub-district Office, Nankai District, Tianjin, China

                                  Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee (Temporary, Deputy Department Level)

2016.08~2023.06      Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

                                  Assistant Professor

2013.10~2016.08      Department of Manufacturing Design, Apple Inc., Shenzhen, China

                                  R&D Engineer

2013.07~2013.09      The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (No.27 | QS World University Rankings 2021), Hong Kong, China

                                  Postdoc Research Assistant

2012.02~2013.07      Department of Manufacturing Design, Apple Inc., Shenzhen, China

                                  R&D Engineer

2005.07~2006.08     Tianjin Medical Devices Quality Supervision and Testing Center, SFDA of China, Tianjin, China

                                  Assistant Engineer

Research Interests

Bio-manufacturing, Antibacterial Biomaterials (for orthopedic, dental and other biomedical applications)

The research group has sufficient funds, harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and strong academic atmosphere. The research group has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known universities abroad. Outstanding graduates can be recommended to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) and other well-known universities at home and abroad for further study. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in bio-manufacturing research to join the research group. For more information, please contact


Engineering Graphics 1B  (Undergraduate Course, 48 Class Hours)

Engineering Graphics 2A  (Undergraduate Course, 48 Class Hours)

Engineering Graphics 2B  (Undergraduate Course, 64 Class Hours)

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Training  (Undergraduate Course, 10 Class Hours)

Mechanical Engineering Training 2  (Undergraduate Practical Course)

Production Practice  (Undergraduate Practical Course)  (Course Leader)

Academic Part-Time Job

1.   SCIE Journal - Biomimetics (IF = 4.5,JCR Q1/Q2)Editorial Board Member

2.   SCIE Journal - Biomimetics (IF = 4.5,JCR Q1/Q2), Guest Editor of Special Issues

3.   International Journal - Exploration (Wiley Press), Youth Editorial Board Member

4.   National Graduate Education Evaluation and Monitoring Expert DatabaseExpert

5.   National Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) Sampling Expert DatabaseExpert

6.   Tianjin Science and Technology Expert Database, 1st Batch Expert

7.   Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, Senior Member

8.   SCIE Journal - Bioactive Materials (IF = 18.9,JCR Q1)Reviewer

9.   SCIE Journal - ACS Nano (IF = 17.1,JCR Q1)Reviewer

10. SCIE Journal - Chemical Engineering Journal (IF = 15.1,JCR Q1)Reviewer

11. SCIE Journal - Composites Part B: Engineering (IF = 13.1,JCR Q1)Reviewer

12. SCIE Journal - Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF = 10.0,JCR Q1), Reviewer

13. SCIE Journal - Acta Biomaterialia (IF = 9.7,JCR Q1)Reviewer

14. SCIE Journal - Biofabrication (IF = 9.0,JCR Q1)Reviewer

Academic Achievement

Xiang Ge, Associate Professor (Tenured) and Master Supervisor of Tianjin University, is currently the Secretary of Tianjin Key Laboratory of Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology and the Course Leader of Production Practice. He has been engaged in research in the field of bio-manufacturing and antibacterial biomaterials for a long time, and has worked in Tianjin Medical Devices Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the SFDA of China, Apple Inc., and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with rich experience in production, learning and research industries. He is in charge of 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), 1 National Key Research and Development Plan (Sub-project) (the 3rd responsible person in charge of the subject), 1 Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (General Program), and 5 Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund Programs; participated in 1 Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (Youth Program), 1 Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund Program, and 1 horizontal program. He is in charge of 2 and participated in 5 Teaching Reform Programs. So far, he has published 46 academic papers in important scientific and technological journals, such as Advanced Functional Materials (IF = 19.0, JCR Q1), Bioactive Materials (IF = 18.9, JCR Q1), Composites Part B: Engineering (IF = 13.1, JCR Q1), Journal of Materials Science & Technology (IF = 10.9, JCR Q1), Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF = 10.0, JCR Q1), which have been cited 2,317 times in total, with an H-index of 24 (Google Scholar database, statistical data up to 2024.02.29). He has made more than 10 presentations at large international academic conferences such as Asian Biomaterials Congress (2009), National Biomaterials Congress (2010), MRS Spring Conference (2011), World Biomaterials Congress (2012), China Biomaterials Congress and International Advanced Biomaterials Congress (2019). He has 11 Chinese invention patents, 9 Chinese utility model patents, and 1 Japanese patent. He won one 1st prize and one 3rd prize of Tianjin Food and Drug Administration (Department Level) scientific and technological achievement award.

2020.07, Winner of Tianjin University Shen Zhikang Award

2017.12, Excellent Tutor of Tianjin University Undergraduate Graduation Design (Thesis) 2017

2006, Xiang Ge (Ranking 4/5), Study on mechanical properties and experimental methods of metal bone plates for surgical implants, Tianjin Food and Drug Administration (Department Level), Science and Technology Achievement Award, 1st Prize

2006, Xiang Ge (Ranking 5/5), Study on mechanical properties and experimental methods of metal bone screws for surgical implants, Tianjin Food and Drug Administration (Department Level), Science and Technology Achievement Award, 3rd Prize

Research Funding

A.  Research Programs (Principal Investigator)

1.   National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaGeneral Program, 52075371, Study on biomimetic design and manufacture of micro-nano structure of titanium dioxide and its antibacterial mechanism, 2021.01~2024.12, 580,000 RMB, PI (National Level)

2.  National Key Research and Development Plan Program, "Manufacturing Basic Technology and Key Components" Key Program, 2018YFB2000400, Program Name "Ultra-precision manufacturing and testing technology of rolling bearing" (33,290,000 RMB), Project 04 Name "Bearing energy consumption coefficient detector”, Sub-project Name "Energy consumption characteristics of rolling bearings", 2019.07~2022.06, 100,000 RMB, PI of Sub-project (National Level)

3.   Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, General Program, 18JCYBJC19500, Study on the microfabrication technology and antibacterial mechanism of biomimetic pure titanium micrographic surface topography, 2018.04~2021.03, 100,000 RMB, PI (Provincial and Ministerial Level)

4.   Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund, Innovation Platform Program, 2022XJD-0015, Study on frontier development of equipment design and advanced manufacturing, 2022.01~2022.12, 100,000 RMB, PI (University Level)

5.   Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund, Strategic Layout Program, 2021XZS-0017, Study on advanced manufacturing and equipment design frontier development, 2021.01~2021.12, 100,000 RMB, PI (University Level)

6.   Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund, Key Pre-study Program, 2020XYF-0020, Pre-study on new multifunctional superhydrophobic surfaces for a variety of biomedical applications, 2020.01~2020.12, 30,000 RMB, PI (University Level)

7.   Tianjin University Independent Innovation FundStrategic Layout Program, 2019XZS-0014, Study on advanced manufacturing technology and equipment design development, 2019.01~2019.12, 200,000 RMB, PI (University Level)

8.   Tianjin University Independent Innovation Fund, International Cooperation Program, 2018XGP-0030, Study on key technology of large aperture hole making for aero-laminated component, 2018.01~2018.12, 50,000 RMB, PI (University Level)

9.   Tianjin Key Laboratory of Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology (Tianjin University), Open Project, Study on forming mechanism and tribological behavior of cylindrical roller based on double disc straight groove lapping, 2016.07~2018.06, 40,000 RMB, Co-PI

B.  Research Programs (Co-investigator)

10. Tianjin Natural Science FoundationYouth Program, 21JCQNJC01360, Study on the mechanism of circ_0058514 regulating the immune response to open fracture wound of lower extremity through miR-19b-3p/ULK1, 2021.10~2023.09, 80,000 RMB, Co-investigator (Provincial and Ministerial Level)

11. Xinchang Zhejiang University of Technology Research Institute of Science and Technology, Natural Science Open Fund Program, 2021GKF-0316, Study on external circulation system construction and control strategy of new process of evolutionary grinding of bearing roller precision, 2021.01~2022.12, 50,000 RMB, Co-investigator (Horizontal)

12. Tianjin University Independent Innovation FundStrategic Layout Program, 2020XZS-0042, Study on frontier development and future trend of advanced manufacturing technology, 2020.01~2020.12, 200,000 RMBCo-investigator (University Level)

13. Hong Kong Research Grants Council Program, 615408, Electrochemical surface modification of titanium implants for transcutaneous/transgingival devices, 2009.01~2012.06, Co-investigator


A.  Textbooks

1.   Modern Engineering Graphics, Higher Education Press, Published in 2024, Tianjin University Edition, In charge of the editing of Chapter 3

2.   Modern Engineering Graphics Problem Collection, Higher Education Press, Published in 2023, Tianjin University Edition, In charge of the editing of Chapter 3

B.  Journal Papers (1st Author)

1.      Xiang Ge***, Chengzu Ren**, Yonghui Ding, Guang Chen, Xiong Lu, Kefeng Wang, Fuzeng Ren, Meng Yang, Zhuochen Wang, Junlan Li, Xinxin An, Bao Qian, Yang Leng*. Micro/nano-structured TiO2 surface with dual-functional antibacterial effects for biomedical applications. Bioactive Materials, 4, 346-357, 2019. (Available online 1 November 2019) (SCI) (IF 18.9) (JCR Q1)

2.       Xiang Ge**, Jianming Zhao*, Karekin D. Esmeryan, Xiong Lu, Zhaoyang Li, Kefeng Wang, Fuzeng Ren, Qun Wang, Menghao Wang, Bao Qian. Cicada-inspired fluoridated hydroxyapatite nanostructured surfaces synthesized by electrochemical additive manufacturing. Materials & Design, 193, 108790, 2020. (Available online 16 May 2020) (SCI) (IF 8.4) (JCR Q1)


3.       Xiang Ge**, Jianming Zhao*, Xiong Lu, Zhaoyang Li, Kefeng Wang, Fuzeng Ren, Menghao Wang, Qun Wang, Bao Qian. Controllable phase transformation of fluoridated calcium phosphate ultrathin coatings for biomedical applications. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 847, 155920, 2020. (Available online 9 June 2020) (SCI) (IF 6.2) (JCR Q1/Q2)


4.       Xiang Ge**, Chengzu Ren*, Xiong Lu, Zhaoyang Li, Guang Chen, Kefeng Wang, Fuzeng Ren, Qun Wang, Menghao Wang, Xinxin An, Bao Qian. Surfactant-free electrochemical synthesis of fluoridated hydroxyapatite nanorods for biomedical applications. Ceramics International, 45, 17336-17343, 2019. (Available online 28 May 2019) (SCI) (IF 5.2) (JCR Q1)


5.       Xiang Ge**, Yang Leng*, Xiong Lu, Fuzeng Ren, Kefeng Wang, Yonghui Ding, Meng Yang. Bacterial responses to periodic micropillar array. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 103A, 384-396, 2015. (Version of Record online 09 April 2014) (SCI) (IF 4.9) (JCR Q2)


6.       Xiang Ge, Yang Leng*, Fuzeng Ren, Xiong Lu. Integrity and zeta potential of fluoridated hydroxyapatite nanothick coatings for biomedical applications. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 4, 1046-1056, 2011. (Available online 12 March 2011) (SCI) (IF 3.9) (JCR Q2/Q3)


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8.       Xiang Ge*. Antimicrobial biomaterials with non-antibiotic strategy. Biosurface and Biotribology, 5 (3), 71-82, 2019. (Published 20 June 2019) (EI) (Invited Review)


9.       Xiang Ge, Fuzeng Ren, Yang Leng*. Electrochemical deposition of fluoridated calcium phosphate thin film on titanium substrates. Advanced Materials Research, 47-50,1387-1390, 2008. (Online since June 2008) (EI)

C.  Journal Papers (Corresponding Author)

10.    Jingyu Liu, Yifan Wang, Yanqin Liang, Shengli Zhu, Hui Jiang, Shuilin Wu, Xiang Ge**, Zhaoyang Li*. Effect of platelet-rich plasma addition on the chemical properties and biological activity of calcium sulfate hemihydrate bone cement. Biomimetics, 8 (2), 262, 2023. (Published 15 June 2023) (SCI) (IF 4.5) (JCR Q1/Q2)  Corresponding Author


11.    Xuqiu Bai, Zhichun Xu, Xianyi Li, Tiantian Zhao, Xiang Ge**, Caideng Yuan*. A simple and efficient strategy for preparation of flexible strain sensors based on marangoni effect. Coatings, 13 (6), 1101, 2023. (Published 15 June 2023) (SCI) (IF 3.4) (JCR Q2/Q3)  Corresponding Author


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D.  Journal Papers (Co-Author)

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46.    Fuzeng Ren, Renlong Xin, Xiang Ge, Yang Leng*. An experimental and computational study on Zn-substituted hydroxyapatite. Advanced Materials Research, 47-50, 1379-1382, 2008. (Online since June 2008) (EI)

Education Background
  • PhD| The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology| Mechanical Engineering| 2012
  • MPhil| The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology| Mechanical Engineering| 2008
  • BEng| Tianjin University| Mechanical Engineering| 2005
Research Interests
  • Bio-manufacturing
  • Antibacterial Biomaterials
Positions & Employments
  • 2016.8-2021.2

     Department of Mechanical Engineering︱School of Mechanical Engineering︱Tianjin University | Assistant Professor 
  • 2013.10-2016.8

     Apple Inc. | Manufacturing Design Engineer 
  • 2013.7-2013.9

     The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Postdoc Research Assistant 
  • 2012.2-2013.7

     Apple Inc. | Manufacturing Design Engineer 
  • 2005.7-2006.8

     Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center︱State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) | Assistant Engineer 
Academic Achievements
Bio-manufacturing Team