Li Qiang

School of Microelectronics

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92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China

Education Background
  • PhD| Tianjin University| Signal and information processing| 2003
  • Master of Engineering| Taiyuan University of Technology| Circuits and systems| 2000
  • Bachelor of Literature| Taiyuan University of Technology| English Language and Literature| 1997
  • Bachelor Engineering| Taiyuan University of Technology| Electronic Engineering| 1997
Research Interests
  • Medical image processing including temprature imaging for ultrasonic images, brain tumor segamentation for CT and MRI images, functional and structural connections for brain areas etc。
  • Sound and music computation including source segmentation, classification and clustering, semantic analysis etc.
  • High-intensity focus ultrasound thermal therapy
  • Hyperspectral image super-resolution reconstruction
Positions & Employments
  • 2010.12-2019.12

    School of International Education | Tianjin University | Chair of School Administrative Committee | Professor 
  • 2016.12-2019.12

    School of Microelectronics | Tianjin University | Professor 
  • 2006.6-2010.12

    International Cooperation Office | Tianjin University | Deputy Director | Associtate Professor 
  • 2005.8-2016.12

    School of Electronic Information Engineering | Tianjin University | Associate Professor, Professor 
  • 2005.10-2006.9

    Office of Information Industry | Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region | Assistant Director | Associate Professor 
  • 2003.8-2005.7

    School of Electronic Information Engineering | Tianjin University | Post-Doctoral Researcher 
Academic Achievements