Help Manual


Teacher’s personal homepage system of Tianjin University provides an official platform for faculties and staff to display their information by creating their own personal profiles.


The personal home page is to be used as follows:

1. 如何开通个人主页?


1. How to create a personal profile?

Log on to the homepage of the system (, click the "Login" button in the upper right corner, and use the on-campus Integrated Services Portal account and password( the account and password used to log on the webpage to log on to the manager system and create your own profile page.

2. 想要维护好页面数据,检查完页面之后再对外开放,怎么办?


2. What should I do if I don’t want to publish the page until I have finished maintaining the page data?

After the teacher logs onto the manager system, he can select the button "Browse but not publish for the time being." Then check the home page through preview. After confirming that the page is modified and complete, click on the agreement and select "Agree the protocol, release to the public."

3. 有些栏目不想显示怎么办?

有些教师没有教学科研任务,相关栏目不想显示,这需要您  将不想显示的栏目状态从“发布”改为“暂存”。同时,您也可以点击“新增”增加新的栏目。

3. What if I do not want some columns to be displayed?

Some teachers do not have teaching or scientific research tasks, and want the relevant columns to be concealed. To do this, you need to change the status of columns from "Publish" to "Scratch" in the "Management" menu. At the same time, you can click "Add" to add a new column.

4. 编辑好的栏目为什么不显示?


4. Why is it that the edited column does not appear in the page?

Some teachers may find that some of the edited columns are not displayed in the Personal Page. At this time you need to carefully check whether the content has been published. Only the "published" content can be displayed in the foreground, and the "temporary" content cannot be displayed.

5. 如何个性化自己的主页?


5. How to personalize my homepage?

If the picture in the template does not meet your needs, you can replace the background picture and background color under the “System Configuration” menu and then save it.

6. 怎么让别人帮您维护个人主页?


6. How can I get someone to help me maintain my personal homepage?

If you don't have much time to maintain your homepage, you can also entrust someone else to help maintain it. For example, you want your students to help you. You can add the student number in the "Administrator Settings" under the "System Configuration" menu, and the relevant personnel can help you maintain your personal home page.

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