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  • 教师名称:石家福
  • 教师拼音名称:Shi Jiafu
  • 出生日期:1985-11-08
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  • 职称:教授


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  • Jiafu Shi is a lecturer at School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tianjin University. He obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University in 2013. He received several awards including the First/Second Prize for Science & Technology Development/Achievement of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Tianjin Young Talents of Science and Technology, Tianjin Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Student Science Award of Tianjin University, etc. His research interest encompasses superhydrophobic materials for oil spill remediation, enzymatic catalysis, biomimetic and bioinspired materials, etc. He co-authored over 60 SCI papers, including Advanced Functional Materials, Chem, Chemical Society Reviews, Chemical Communications, ACS Applicaed Materials & Interfaces, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, etc. Till now, the total citation time is over 800, and h-index is 19. He is now in charge of several projects, indlucing the founds of National Natural Science Funds of China, Tianjin Research Program of Application Fundation and Advanced Technology. etc. He has delivered many reports in UC berkeley, AIChE Annual Meeting, etc.


  • 2010.3-2013.1 Tianjin University   Chemical Technology   PhD
  • 2008.9-2010.3 Tianjin University   Chemical Technology   MS
  • 2004.9-2008.7 Tianjin University   Chemical Engineering and Technology   BS


  • 2013.1 -2019.12

    |School of Environmental Science and Engineering|Tianjin University|No|Lecturer

  • 2016.2 -2017.2

    |Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering|University of California at Berkeley|No|Visiting Researcher

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