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Yeo Kiat Seng, Professor, PhD supervisor, head of Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering, member of Academic Committee of the University, Academician of Singapore Academy of Engineering, Academician of Singapore National Academy of Sciences, IEEE Member, AAIA Member. He was the founding Vice Provost and tenured professor of Singapore University of Technology and Design, Academician and tenured professor of Nanyang Technological University's "Revitalization Project", Chairman of the Innovation Research Program of Singapore National Research Foundation, co-chairman of Singapore Integrated Circuit Design Association, founding director of Singapore Integrated Circuit Design Center of Excellence, and member of the Advisory Council of Huawei Research Center.

Professor Yeo received his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. After graduation, he worked in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, as a professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy dean of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and vice chairman of the Academic Committee. He co-founded VIRTUS, an integrated Circuit Design Centre of excellence valued at approximately S $52 million, jointly established by NTU and the Singapore Economic Development Board. Later, he worked at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where he served as the head of the Department of Circuits and Systems, Vice Provost (Research), and Chairman of the Research Committee. He was elected a Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Singapore in 2022.

Professor Yeo is the main inventor of Virtus(chipset), which enables the use of time-division duplex in the unlicensed 57 to 66 Ghz band. Fully compliant with IEEE 802.11ad standards, the minimum speed is 1000 times faster than Bluetooth 2.0, and the power consumption is less than 300mw. He is currently engaged in research on chip microsystem devices and modeling. Since 1996, as a principal researcher, he has accumulated more than S $70 million in research funding, and as a supervisor, he has trained more than 160 researchers, doctoral students and master's students. He has taught more than 50 keynote speeches or invited lectures, published 12 books, and participated in writing 7 chapters of other books, published more than 600 top journal and conference papers in his research field, and has 38 patents, including 2 of the world's smallest integrated transformers and 1 of the world's smallest 60GHz standard integrated filters. He invented the high Q-factor RF spiral inductor, as well as many new circuit technologies involved in the invention of 5G wireless communications and RF/ millimeter wave IC applications. He is an authority in the field of low power RF/millimeter wave integrated circuit design and a recognized expert in inCMOS technology. He was a member of the Advisory Board of the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association. He is the lead author of the 2020 World University Research Ranking (WURR). He was named one of the top 2% of scientists in the world by Stanford University in 2020 and awarded the Long Service Medal by the President of the Republic of Singapore on National Day 2020.

  • Modeling and design of low power digital and RF integrated circuits
  • 国家研究基金会虚拟新加坡能力计划指导委员会主席,2019.8-2022.8
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  • 新加坡浙江经济贸易理事会理事,2016.1-2021.12
  • 新加坡-江苏合作理事会理事,2017.2-2020.1
  • MDPI/电子学编辑委员会成员,电路和信号处理负责人,2019.10-Now
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Education Background
  • 1. Singapore Nanyang Technological University  | Electrical Engineering  | Bachelor’s Degree

  • 2. Singapore Nanyang Technological University  | Electronics and Electrical Engineering  | Doctoral degree

Positions & Employments
  • 1.2023.2-Now

    Tianjin University | School of Microelectronics | Professor

  • 2.2023.2-Now

    新加坡科技设计大学 | 顾问(全球伙伴)

  • 3.2018.1-2022.12

    新加坡科技设计大学 | 校研究委员会主席、副教务长(科研)

  • 4.2014.7-2022.12

    Singapore University of Technology and Design | Associate Provost for International Relations

  • 5.2014.7-2017.12

    新加坡科技设计大学 | 创始副教务长(研究生)

  • 6.2014.7-2023.1

    新加坡科技设计大学 | 教授、校学术委员会委员、创始副教务长

  • 7.2012.9-2014.8

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 校参议员、校顾问委员会委员

  • 8.2011.6-2014.5

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 电气与电子工程学院副院长

  • 9.2009.7-2014.7

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 教授

  • 10.2009.1-2010.9

    集成电路卓越设计中心 | 创始主任

  • 11.2007.7-2008.7

    新加坡可持续纳米电子研究所 | 代理所长

  • 12.2002.1-2009.6

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 副教授

  • 13.1999.1-2001.12

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 助理教授

  • 14.1996.11-1998.12

    新加坡南洋理工大学 | 讲师

  • 15.1996.8-1996.11

    Singapore Nanyang Technological University | Professor

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